Well Hello There!

August 7, 2014

Holy moly, life has changed a lot since I last posted in November 2013!!!

1. I’m having a baby! It was a conscious conception (intentional) and I’m due around September 1st. I elected not to have an ultrasound (no tests have been done on ultrasounds since 1993, they’re not proven safe, they’re not useful for diagnostics unless you’re planning to abort in the event of defects, and the baby didn’t want one) so the sex will be a surprise!

Me & the baby bump somewhere in Nevada, July 2014.

Me & the baby bump somewhere in Nevada, July 2014.

2. I moved to San Francisco, worked at an Italian restaurant named Brindisi, and lived in a spiritual community/converted monastery called The Center.

The Center, vacant church next door from the rooftop patio.

The Center, vacant church next door from the rooftop patio.

3. I moved to Mount Shasta, became the web developer for the Crystal Room, and learned a ton about crystals.

Mount Shasta at sunset.

Mount Shasta at sunset.

4. I moved to Hawaii! I’m currently living in Honaunau, on the Big Island, south of Kona. My intuition’s been directing me to Maui but things have been working out so fantastically here that I’m here for now, living in an adorable little house on 15 acres of jungle with two other conscious mamas.

My front yard.

My front yard.

5. I’ve now moved my blogging over to my very own website, LightLiving.Us. It’s brand new so still needs a lot of work, but I’m excited to be creating something of my own. I’ll probably continue posting here for awhile to direct people to that site.

Check out my new blog!


4 Responses to “Well Hello There!”

  1. Aunt Jody said

    Graavy girl !

  2. katyneylon said

    You always make it seem like it’s so easy to bounce around and just enjoy your life 🙂 I spoke to you ages ago about the therapy ranch you worked at in Patagonia. I went on my own little adventure to Colorado, but now I think I’m ready to move on as well. I hope I can glide around as easily as you make it seem 🙂

    I can’t wait to continue to live and discover. Even though we do this every day. Please keep blogging and please don’t ever feel like you aren’t “living life right”.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m a disappointment. But then I realize how insignificant it is to follow this “pattern” that we seem to have established and do what think we should, for US and no one else.

    Keep on keepin’ on 🙂

    • I usually go through a period of terror before I commit to a leap; once I’ve committed things tend to flow in magical ways and the stress dissipates! 🙂 I’m working on letting go of the terror part…

      I don’t plan to stop living my life the way I choose anytime soon… Thanks for the encouragement, it’s always appreciated! 😉

  3. Way to follow your bliss! I know so many people doing wild and magical things with their time on this plane… I’m going to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks 😉

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