What Do Bumblebees Mean??

April 29, 2013

While I was living with a wise woman in Patagonia a year ago, I learned about Native American traditions and spirituality, and I learned about the meanings of animals. This wise woman had a deck of cards and book about Animal ‘Medicine’, as the Native American teachings refer to it.

I think that anything that we use to bring meaning to our lives can be helpful – it can be belief systems, astrology, religion, ‘signs’ from the Universe/god, synchronicity, even science (what we think of as modern “science” has really become more like Scientism – just another set of beliefs that makes us feel safe). Anyways, it’s all about the meaning you give to these beliefs, and if you use these ‘clues’ as part of your personal growth, development and expansion.

Twice in the past month while recording videos, I’ve been interrupted by Bumblebees.

Back on March 10, 2013, I was recording a video out in front of the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness in Italy on a beautiful spring day. I was talking about life, about figuring out my calling/purpose, and about attempting to  authentically follow my dreams and intuition.

Cue Bumblebee. Later that day I googled the meaning of Bumblebees and meant to blog about it, but never did.

Then again on April 18th a Bumblebee gets right up in my/your/our faces/the camera lens. Ok, ok, I’ll write about Bumblebees!

The fascinating thing is how synchronistically aligned the symbolism of the Bumblebee is with what I’d been talking about in the video, what my focus has been the last month or two (focus itself, and creativity), and the lifestyle I’m living (COMMUNITY! If you don’t know, I’m living in a spiritual community in Italy…).

Key words:



Creative endeavors (hello making videos!)


Personal power



The following info was gathered from various websites:

Bumble Bees are focused, industrious, powerful, loud, and proud.

Bee is the ancient symbol of good fortune, joy and harmony. In the dream world, bee comes as a gift from Spirit. He buzzes about in order to awaken us into the moment. Alert and aware, we see that life is sweet and filled with brightness, color and light. Bee also teaches us to engage fully in our creative endeavors. The key is to focus with intention and to be single-minded in purpose.

The bee symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. Follow the bee to discover your new destination.

The ancient Druids saw the bee as symbolising the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community.

ALL bees are productive, they stay focused on whatever they are doing and do not get sidetracked from their goal.

They hold the power of service. Their movement from one plant to plant represents the interconnectedness of all living things. It’s their drive to contribute to the common good of the community that is noteworthy.  The bumblebee is a messenger bringing the secrets of life and service.

If this is your power animal and your energy is scattered, the bumblebee can show you how to become focused again.

If you are stung, the message here is – WAKE UP! Follow the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Listen to your true self, your higher self. Heed your inner voice and wisdom.

Ask for bumble bee help when:

•          You need help communicating with other people.

•          You question if you are aligned with your goals in life.

•          You wish to heed your inner voice and wisdom.

Access bumble bee power by…

•          Extracting the sweetness of life.

•          Being productive while the sun shines

•          Pursuing your dream, no matter how great it seems.

The meaning of bees in dreams speak of:

•          industry,

•          action,

•          communication, and

•          our ability to consciously choose the results we want in our lives

When we dream of bees it may be an indication that we are ready to communicate our spiritual gifts, or perhaps we should more clearly recognize the treasures that reside within us.


Fascinating stuff. So I encourage you: look into those little clues that the Universe gives you. If certain animals pop up often in your life, or in your dreams, google their meaning and symbolism. These clues and synchronicities might be mirrors of what you’re seeking to learn.


P.S. Random Wiki fact: Bumblebee colonies are often placed in greenhouse tomato production, because the frequency of buzzing that a bumblebee exhibits effectively releases tomato pollen.

Is that not AMAZING??!? That a FREQUENCY can release pollen from a PLANT??????

29 Responses to “What Do Bumblebees Mean??”

  1. Zia said

    I think you know Crows are one of my power animals. I know when I see Crows, that my life is about to change. If there are a lot of them, in a big drastic way. If they are occasional, smaller changes. They are my guardian angels and I love them. I even have a beautiful crow tattoo’d on my back!

  2. Virginia Carrithers said

    Dear M…Haven’t gotten used to your new name. In fact, I have forgotten it. I love what you are doing, and haven’t forgotten about the day we drew the Goddess card that sent you to Italy. You’re on my computer slide show…so, I never forget you…always, fond memories. I’m honored you called me a wise woman HA!!! I do the best I can. I have a page on volunteering with Ginny, and perhaps some of your comments about our time together should be part of this page. Check it out at http://www.creativeheals.org, and let me know if you would like to write something for the volunteer page. Or, a link to your blog, etc.

    It’s so great to see you doing so well. You jumped, and the net did appear. Adelante…love from the Patagonia Pearl…I’m in San Martin for the winter.

    On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 9:04 PM, Lunasea Life

    • lunasealife said

      M works!
      Good to hear from you Ginny. I think of you often. You ARE a very wise and intuitive woman!
      I would love to write something, will roll it around in my head!

      Always sending love! xx

  3. catsandog said

    A bumblebee sat on a pillow next to me the other day and looked at me like it wanted to tell me something! I thought it was the nicest thing! It was looking at me without moving for what seemed like five minutes but was maybe a minute in real life. It caused me to google what it could mean and I found your story! I’m glad you shared it. Thank you! Your story did mire for me than you realize. 🐝

  4. Ingrid said

    So for many months now I have been thinking of a bumble bee – I have met a new partner in my life at a very difficult time for me when big changes are happening – this guy to me I see as a bumble bee so I went and had a little tattoo done to remind me of him forever just In case are journeys ever go in different directions!! Since having the bubble bee it’s giving me great strength to make major changes whilst feeling happy – hence looking up the meaning of a bubble bee 🐝 xx

  5. Patricia said

    I have a vivid dream of a beautiful bumble bee giving birth but no matter where I search I can’t find an answer or interpretation to this and was wandering if you could enlighten me, many thanks

    • lunasealife said

      Sounds like you’re ready to birth the qualities if Bumblebee in yourself and spread them to the world! 😉

  6. Thank you for this well informed information. I’ve always agreed the symbolism in life is a helping hand in direction and path. I too am often visited by the bumblebee. Though the meaning was explained differently to me, it is quite similar. I really enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more from you.

  7. Hi there,
    Thank you for your writing/videos on Bumble bees( or bubble bees as I call them, with great joy and fun respect)
    Ive been dealing with health issues and have recently had my watercolor art placed in a local coffee shop! Watercolor painting brings me such joy and has been inspiring those I talk to to “create”.
    well, while at an appointment taking care of severe anemia ( on the 3rd floor mind you,) Ms. Bumble Bee was on the outside of the window..just hanging out with me. She would flit away but returned many times over the next 2.5 hours! Apparently, she wanted to make sure that even the most difficult of days have brightness….I was sketching out a kitty family portrait at the time!
    Thank you again!

  8. Well nearly a year has went by since the last post here and I found your little jewel of sharing. I could have wrote the same thing except not from Italy 🙂 I too wonder each day how or what to begin. focus has been the word for several months now. I have asked to just give me a glimpse during this super moon. So, today as I was sitting outside this bumble bee came right up to me and stared me in the eye. It was so close I thought it might fly in, so I gently turned my head and it kissed me on my cheek and then on my shoulder 🙂 It was sooo sweet. It’s energy was so soft, graceful and joyfully loving. I was told by a wise woman to just focus on one thing because there are so many things that really inspire me, yet for whatever reason i don’t put anything into action. Well, let’s change that thought and wording to I have yet to put anything into action. It is like I’m waiting for something? Anyway, thank you for your share and I too am a lover of symbolism here is a site you may enjoy…she is amazing http://www.whatsyoursign.com Much love and many blessings to you 🙂

    P.S. LOL! Ironically as I was filling in my email info and name, and my wordpress site pops up in the name and then again in the website field. I think I just received my message again…to write!!! so, I will leave it in the fields because my computer obviously knows more than I do! LOL! Hahahaha my word press is http:/gravator.com/pearlexpressions or http://www.pearlexpressions.wordpress.com EnJOY!

  9. Ben said

    Hey thanks for writing this post. I’ve noticed my little compadres at the oddest of times. And in some connected or maybe respectful way I have the utmost regard and appreciation of the little ones. I too have had them find me at the strangest of times, and literally cling to me as though being a friend paying visit.

    Recently I have taken a new job, and placed myself in a direction to move forward in my career, which in itself is a step in which brings about a slight bit of apprehension in terms of treading in unknown territory. But, as per usual, my little friends grace me with their presence.

    Personally I had never made a connection with their appearance, and deemed it as a random occurrence, as with any thing. However, I either am loosing my grip on ‘reality’ as it were, or, it is a reminder that a greater part of things considers ‘ what we would perceive lesser, in terms of earthly hierarchy’ equally and intrinsically important.

    Perhaps, the issue lies between the contrast of duties. We perceive that our destiny is directly determined by our own perception as to what we expect it to be. However, like these wonderful creatures, we must submit ourselves to the fact that our destiny is just as simple as following the dance, leading to the next step in our journey.

    Interesting little things.


  10. I have to update, ever since I read the eloquent reply from Ben. In reference to: “Bee also teaches us to engage fully in our creative endeavors. The key is to focus with intention and to be single-minded in purpose.” It has been a year since a bumblebee flew in to look at my face…much like pearlexpressions said, it was very sweet. I meditated that day and after a lot of reading, meditating, praying and learning throughout the year, I have become “unblocked” as an artist and writing a novel, blogging, sculpting, sewing, painting and photographing special moments that help me focus on Now. I am thankful to the bumblebee for setting me on my path and grateful to the Creator for making me creative.
    God Bless!

  11. Clare said

    I dreamt that a bumble bee got stuck in my hair and I ran to my mum (who has passed) and she cut it out. I touched the bee and talked to it, then it flew away. Any idea what this means please?

    • Well when interpreting dreams, the first question to ask is – what does each person/thing in the dream mean/represent to ME? Everything is a reflection of you; What does your mother represent to you? What do bees represent to you?
      After that you can look at the overall symbolism of what it might mean – perhaps your mother helping to change/improve your relationship with your own creativity, community, personal power…

  12. Ann posler said

    Agree ♡

  13. Djangibo said

    Thanks for the good info about bumblebees. This is the time to see queens waking up here in my country. I still don’t know where they gets inside to my cottage, over and over again. Every time there is just one bee. Happens every year many times in a day while it’s spring/summertime. But today she woke me and i killed her. Now i feel like a very bad person. Very stupid human, i. Darn. This might be the end of the bumblebee-limbo ):

  14. Wow..! Read all that and do find it really interesting because of my life’s pursuits at this time as well as concerns due to a dream after which I found myself focusing onto the content off and on all day in hoping to figure out the possible “meaning/message?”… Add more to that a visit straight around my head of a bimblebee this sunny PM when I was stepping toward the entry to a fifth company which carries a certain product/service, the which I was recommended the connection with, (but they were closed) yet in the past I have always heard lame feed back about them. So I wouln’t have thought to reconsider…

    So now that I’ve read the comments on this portion of your page, I am furthermore intregued by all these developements and attempting to deciffer even more how all these elements connect ..if at all..? Hope I can successfully line up the dots in the correct order.
    I for sure was busy most of the day evaluating and comparing these companies and seeing which one is the most reliable as well as attractive for the long haul. Analizing is one of my favorite things to do so price, features, performance and reliability through the best overall service across the board is something I enjoy spending my time engrossed into even if it means: some research, lots of talking and sharing opinions with all concerned as well as working on the weekends… Yes! I can relate to the criterias that this entry described..! How very fascinating!! Thank you!! : )

  15. Sarah Heitkamp said

    I had a vivid dream about a bumble bee flying out of my ear last night and came across this post, which was reassuring and made sense. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  16. lilyfinch said

    You forgot to mention the best part of bumble bed. It does the impossible because aerodynamically it can’t fly. Bed is the message of impossible made possible.

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