May 2014

May 2014

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★Creatrix ★Life-Lover ★Bliss-Follower ★Meditator ★Metacogitator ★Co-Creator ★Adventurer ★Experimenter ★Polymath ★Polyglot ★Autodeist ★ReLOVEutionary ★R-Evolutionary ★Quantum Activist ★Conscious Agent of Evolution ★Global Citizen

Ciudadano del Mundo
वैश्विक नागरिक
Cidadão Global
Citoyen du Monde
مواطن عالمي
Гражданин мира
Cittadino del Mondo

I always suspected I had wings, and finally took the leap to find out. I left my homeland of Southern California in August of 2011 and began the journey to find myself, listen to my heart and follow my bliss.

Starting in June 2011 I drove across the US, into Canada, then spent a few months in New York and Washington DC before flying down to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived in BsAs for six months before spending two months working, creating and healing on a small horse ranch in Patagonia, which was basically like living in the Wild West. I then followed the Goddess Fortuna’s instructions that I go to Italy. I ended up at Ananada Spiritual Center, helping launch the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness for a year. Returning to the States in 2013, I nomaded around the Pacific Coast, mostly between San Francisco and Southern Oregon. April 2014 I moved to Mount Shasta, California, and in July I moved to Hawaii, where I’m currently residing on the Big Island.

I write to understand myself. I write to inspire myself. I write to change myself.
I post on this blog to share my journey and to inspire others to follow their bliss.

And I write to remember.

23 Responses to “About”

  1. Anonymous said

    dance floors with shiny marble tiles are my favorite `

  2. Allyson said

    You are amazing. That shouldn’t inflate your head, just ring as true, you are living an inspired life and you are one of my favorite people because of that. I love your blog and your mustache, you rock!

    • lunasealife said

      Thank you, love! You inspire ME – you made a huge difference in my life via your decidedly non-conformist example of living! You exposed me to all kinds of different ways of thinking – someone who didn’t drink alcohol? someone who never ate at restaurants?? someone who drank kale juice for breakfast?!? 😉 I’m so grateful for your courageous example and how the Universe randomly put us together in that tiny apartment! 😉

  3. Anonymous said

    dance floors that have laser lights and disco LED lights would be very cool `~;

  4. Doğan said

    hi Michelle i noticed your message in twitter. i couldn’t reply via twitter because i can’t send massage who aren’t following me. Thankyou very much for your interest. It is such a pleasure,honor to me to be in contact ,meet people like you. I adore to talk about my works.

  5. Just stopped by to say hi, since you read my profile on 🙂

    I hope you’ll keep our work there in mind — it’s an ambitious project of mine that’s just started, and I have others I’m working to get done (writing a book right now on another topic for a different audience, and then producing a music album).

    But immediatism is like a 10-year project so keep in touch 🙂 Twitter probably works best, I followed you back.


  6. mostaccio said

    Hey! Just stopped by to say your blog is pretty awesome! I loved the videos of the climbers and photos of the dramatic Coloradan clouds. Keep it up, whatever it may be. 🙂

  7. aunt jody said

    Hi Michelle, I’m learning to surf ur blog. I’m amazed at how we correlate. It feels good to bump into my kind. Where on the planet is your body now? ~Aunt Jody

  8. aunt jody said

    My beautiful niece, I could taste the crepe and feel the raindrRoPps. ~great writing, and living. Live on-

    • lunasealife said

      Love you Aunt Jody! Thank you for being an example of someone with a functioning inner child in our family! 😉 Your creativity always inspired me.

  9. djdripfunk said

    Michelle you are truly an amazing and beautiful women! Thank you for sharing always!

  10. Ben Lustig said

    We miss you here in Los Angeles! Hope Buenos Aires is treating you well. Didn’t know you were blogging… Nice work!

  11. Kindred soul indeed! So happy to have you met you. Look forward to reading your blog and to Lentas Maravillas!

  12. erika said

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. Carmen Cane said

    Inspiring indeed!!! Xoxoxox

  14. I was thinking about how nice it would be, to live in a boat, up in a tree. I googled tree boat, and what do I see? Lunasealife had a vision like me…

  15. said

    I am very in line with your self descriptive words at top. You are an inspiration. Would love to talk sometime. Your approach to life rings true for me as well, minus my ability to travel at this time. Would love to know how it is possible to live so freely moving around and such. I don’t know where my finances would come from with this nomadic lifestyle, but I feel like it is something I want for my future.
    Hope you will check out my blog at

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