iTunes, I agree, I agree!

October 5, 2012

“I’ve signed many agreements with iTunes… I don’t know what they want from me anymore.
Surely they know I agree with them!!!”

Lately I’ve been thinking back on my childhood interests. One of them was, a bit strangely, stand-up comedy. At the age of seven I remember watching videos of Bill Cosby and Eddie Murphy, and laughing so hard I thought my hernia stitches would burst open. I also remember watching every episode of Stand-Up Spotlight on VH1, the host of which was a young, abrasive, butchy, heavily New York-accented Rosie O’Donnell.

Stand-up has remained a consistent love over the years. Does my early and enduring love for it mean I should I be writing comedy? Maybe it’s time for an improv workshop…Or maybe I just need to laugh more!


One Response to “iTunes, I agree, I agree!”

  1. […] more, but here are a few magical synchronicities that have occurred in the past few days: #1 On October 5th, I wrote: “Maybe I should take an improv class.” I wanted more laughter in my life, and I […]

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