I can’t wait to see ‘Brave’ by Disney/Pixar!

And not just because I love Scottish accents…

Woo hoo for empowering the feminine!


The Queen asks a good question – Are you willing to pay the price that freedom costs? I feel like not very many people are.

Some components of the price/cost of freedom: personal responsibility, awareness, courage, choice, introspection, authenticity, fairness, integrity, action…

The current state of the United States of America is an example of what happens when people are not willing to pay the price to protect their freedom, and instead relinquish control to corporations, the government, religions, banks, credit card companies, and anyone else who comes along and offers to cover the price for them.

When someone pays the price for your freedom, it’s no longer yours, and you’re no longer free. Take control of your own life; pay your own way. Make your own decisions, and take action.

Or, you know, we can just continue to sit around distracting ourselves with movies/TV/the media/consumerism, continue working unfulfilling jobs, continue letting those who we allow to pay our price and have control destroy our planet in the name of profits, poisoning our air and water and food and bodies…

<end rant>

Alright, I admit I may have been procrastinating and allowed myself to read some articles about the global economic collapse and possible war with Iran.

Time for me to turn away from dark side and head back towards the light!

Check out lightball/spiritual teacher Mooji, talking about Freedom. Not only is he wise, he’s got an awesome Jamaican/Irish accent, and his name is so fun to say! Moooooooojiiiiiiiiii!!!

“Nobody wants you to be free… What good are you if you’re free? When you’re free no one can control you.”