What a weekend. Live figure drawing and up late drinking at Catalyst on Friday night (definitely got that out of my system for a while…massive hangover, missing memories).


Helped me to produce this:

On Saturday, I spent most of the day writing content for the iPhone app that I’m working on, then headed back to Catalyst for more live figure drawing and a dance party. Tommy rocked the decks and I got nice and sweaty (sober!).

Sunday morning I got up at 6:30am and did a few more hours of writing, then back to Catalyst one more time for a bike ride through downtown LA to see Kick Ass (which did kick ass, though I thought it was funny that outside the theater the movie title sign said Kick A**). More bike riding through downtown, and back home.

I think I got about 6 hours of sleep between the two nights. I am BEAT.

Below are some of the goals I’ll be aiming for during the month of May. Some are daily, and some are goals to accomplish within the month. For the first two days I hit the blogging, meditation, being alcohol-free, flossing and harmonica. I was again too tired this morning to go without coffee, especially since I had to write. I love coffee + writing. But I know it’s a crutch. Haven’t cut down on the Facebook yet either – I uploaded a buncha pictures and organized them. I love taking + playing with photos.


Today, I:

o Posted a blog (journal, stuff I’ve read, music, quotes, activities etc).

o Meditated (ideally 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes after work).

o Visualized for 5 minutes and FELT my ideal life.

o Ate only foods in my Ayurvedic diet.

o Flossed.

o Practiced Harmonica for 15 minutes.

o Was alcohol-free.

o Was caffeine-free.

o Was sugar-free.

o Spent less than 15 minutes on Facebook (ideally just to post blog entry).

o Did not log into Facebook on my work computer.

o Did the Consumer Fast (bought only essentials).

o Goal: Yoga 3 days this week (so far = ___).

o Goal: Shop at farmer’s markets (so far = ___).

o Goal: 10 Prayer Wheel Necklaces to sell to Fern (so far = ___).

o Goal: Work on Livifi 10 hours per week (so far = ___).

o Goal: Get business license/logo/business cards.

o Goal: Organize closet (plastic bins).

o Goal: Clear out, simplify – only Ab-SOUL-utely love.

o Goal: Organize garage.

o Goal: Repair Damone’s necklace, Katy’s necklace, Mom’s bracelet.

o Goal: Fulfill the Prayer Wheel Necklace orders – China & Millicent.