I’m not Alone, I’m All-One

June 11, 2013

Upon meeting one of my soul-friends in this lifetime, during our first 10-hour conversation, he said to me: “You are not alone.”

And these simple words filled my eyes with tears, and he realized that this was the message he was meant to give to me.

And now I’m suddenly recalling the bone-numbing loneliness of my youth, which began to dissolve when I began to meet soul-friends on my twenties… I suppose the loneliness was also partially covered by music, alcohol and sex too (oh and packing every waking moment of my life with work and play).

These last few years of cutting music(dance/house music), alcohol, sex and busy-ness out of my life has given me time to experience and begin to heal that loneliness on its deepest levels.

I see that I’m in the final run now as I observe my attachment to the men I encounter in my life as I begin to date again. Very, very, verrrrry interesting…….

I can feel the edges of an opening in my chest, like a black hole or a pit that opens downward to the earth that I’m going to have to go through to get to the other side, reemerging into wholeness.


Alone => all one.

Today’s post was inspired by this photo on Facebook – see, Facebook CAN be good. 😉



2 Responses to “I’m not Alone, I’m All-One”

  1. kunal said

    Awake, I say, Awake-

    As i come out from behind the clouds-

    To raise you from your fantastic state-

    Let mirth reign-

    Let joy flow, as purely as that lovely river. Not far away-

    Playing & dancing in the embraces of the Mighty Mountains-

    People-what are you doing? Have you ever taken a step back to question this-?

    Or have you been taken in by progress?

    This progress that acts as a wall between you & everything else-

    Awake, awake-wake up to the sights & sounds-

    Taste them, breath them-Be them-

    Then may one say that one lives-

    Then may one speak wit animals & plants-

    Then may one leave the burden that one is carrying & see it for as it is

    …it is Nothing…then one is love

    & that my dearest friend is All compassionate.

  2. Indeed … you are definitely NOT alone!!

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