Pumice Stones and Driftwood

June 9, 2013

I was floating on the edge of a large emerald-green lake in Southern Oregon, grabbing at the egg-sized natural pumice stones that were bobbing about – floating rocks! – amid the submerged and gnarked branches of a giant fir tree that must’ve made a glorious sound when it came crashing and splashing into the water from its great height.

My aunt Jody was nearby. When she’d handed me a buoyant stone, perfectly shaped and sized to my hand, though surprisingly lightweight, I’d had the idea to collect some good specimens and sell them – all natural, hand-picked pumice stones from Southern Oregon! People buy pumice stones,  and I’ve been encouraged to come up with innovative ways to make money and trade by a book I’m reading about living on sailboats – ‘Seasteading’ or ‘Sailing the Farm,’ I forget which. I’m reading both right now as I found free PDFs and saved myself about $50 for an out-of-print book.

Back to gathering the floating pumice stones amidst the driftwood.

As I ventured further back amongs the branches and algae and god-knows-what-else, as I filled up those little cupholes that punctuated the top of my silver inflatable raft, I heard and felt a sudden and ominous pop, and air began to bubble up from the under carriage of my chariot. “I’M GOING DOWN!!!” I shrieked to my aunt, as I tried to figure out how to get closer to her raft while salvaging the many valuable pumice stones I’d already gathered – not to mention the large piece of antler-shaped driftwood I’d found…

To be continuted….


One Response to “Pumice Stones and Driftwood”

  1. Shawnté said

    To be continued! I want to know the rest!

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