May 4, 2013

I’m taking a Hiatus from vlogging for a few days. Why? Because:

I’ve run out of room.

I’m halfway through a 30-day decluttering/minimizing challenge and my hard drive is so full that I can no longer download the videos from my camera.

Oh, the irony!!!*

This is like the chubbly 'before' picture...

This is like the chubbly ‘before’ picture… still working my way towards minimalism!

So I’m in the process of transferring all my thousands of photos and videos to my terrabyte external drive…which is over halfway full.

I’ve been trying to manually transfer photos in batches the last few weeks, organizing them in the old labelled folder system (hey, I was on PCs from age 12 to 32 – 20 years!) and right this second iPhoto says I still have…11,656 photos and videos to go. *sigh*

With 11,656 photos to go (I think I started around 15,000) this manual thing is gonna take waaay too long.

So I’m gonna figure out how to do this the right, simple, easy way! And I’ll let you know (if you ALREADY know, you can leave me a message in the comments – help a sister out!). From a few seconds of checking with Guru Googleji it looks like I might just be able to drag-n-drop my iPhoto Library on to the eternal… but I want to have some on my computer too, and I don’t want to always have to have my eternal drive plugged in.

I was thinking about this topic earlier: I didn’t get the souped-up speakers or the extra hard drive because I allowed the men I was asking for advice to talk me out of it. “You don’t need that much storage!” “You can add memory!” “You can get some good speakers!” Wrong on #1, that’s really implausible on #2, and #3, As a nomad/aspiring minimalist I really don’t like to have to have things plugged into my computer – external hard drives OR speakers.

So, next time, I’m going big and getting my computer tricked out EXACTLY how I want it! Considering I spend hardly anything on shoes, clothing, makeup or hairstyling products, an extra grand or two once every few years on a swanky Macbook or Air seems totally reasonable to me.

I’m off to sort out the photo stuff so I can continue bringing you more videos and photos.

In the meantime check out the thunderheads we had today!

Mashed potato clouds!!!


*(modern Alanis definition of irony)


4 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. Zia said

    My thought is, once you have uploaded your video to Youtube you can delete it from your hard drive, because someone else is already storing it for you! Videos definitely take up more space than pictures. Upload a bunch of videos (you can make them personal or private) and then delete. I’d say some are going to be more sentimental than others, so the one’s you don’t care if you lose, upload and delete. Otherwise you can keep other sentimental videos on your mega terabyte hard drive.

    To do it fast, move it all over in one folder, but you can take time daily to sort through and eliminate pictures you don’t want/need/love at a later time. If your priority is to stick with your challenge, this is the way to go. Otherwise just be easy on yourself and realize, this is real life and real life happens.

    By the way I love the typo = eternal instead of external…hard drive…


    • lunasealife said

      Thanks hon!

      Yes, I thought about deleting the videos & original iMovie files, but then you don’t have the original files should you ever want to go back and re-work them or use parts for something else. Once it’s on Youtube you can’t edit or re-download.

      And I’ve been moving the uploaded iMovie video files to my external(eternal!!!) already…

      What I really want is a Mac expert to clean up my computer for me (Universe-I’ve put in my order!). I KNOW there are things I don’t know that could help! 🙂 I’ll keep trying in the meantime…

  2. I have the same problem of running out of space on my laptop because of all the photos I keep taking. I do sometimes delete the photos altogether after uploading them to my blog, but only those that I know I won’t need/refer to again. I am in serious need of sorting my photos out at the moment- still have thousands of them from Argentina and that was a year ago. A YEAR! can’t believe how quickly 12 months have come and gone. Miss you chica!

    • lunasealife said

      Oooo no! Don’t delete your photos, you need them for the book you’re gonna publish someday – “Eating My Way Around the World.” 😉 What about uploading them to flickr? I got an account, I’ve been pretty slack about using it but it’s still a great option… they have an uploader app that makes it easy to dump them all at once.

      And no, I cannot believe it’s been OVER a year – remember my birthday curry with Georgia?? Miss you too, bellissima! xx

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