The LightLiving Challenge – Day 5

April 17, 2013

Today’s Five Releases

1. Nail file from yesterday – I realized I already had a metal nail file! So no need for this pink one.

2. Black top – Here at Ananda Europa there’s an attic where everyone puts the clothing and stuff they no longer want; I found this top there. It has the Gayatri Mantra written on it, which is one of my favorites chants. But, it’s too short (the top, not the chant). Out!

3. Book: Release Your Brilliance by Simon T. Bailey – I didn’t even recognize the synchronicity of this title. RELEASE! Ha!

Random passage:

“Seek the guidance of people who can help you live your assignment. Some people pass through your life, and others come into your life. Those who pass  through will intersect with your life at a specific point in time or during a particular event. Be open to those who appear during these times. Whether or not you or they know it on a conscious level, their sole purpose is to help you reach the next level of fulfilling your Universal Assignment and releasing your brilliance.”

4. Book: El Principito by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry – I love the Little Prince. I bought this copy in Spanish in Argentina.

Random passage:

-No, pero puedo depositarlas en el banco.

-Qué quiere decir eso?

-Quiere decire que escribo en un papelito la cantidad de mis estrellas. Y después cierro el papelito, bajo llave, en un cajón. 

I just realized who I’m going to give this to – a friend is doing the Camino del Santiago next month (and I would absolutely love to go with him…). I’ll give him this book to brush up on his Spanish!

5. Business cards – I got these cards ages ago when I started blogging. Actually they’ve got the same ship that you see at the top of the page. My name isn’t the same now so time to toss them.


Today’s Three Keeps

1. The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall – I use this book all the time to look up stone properties while making jewelry.

2. My Life Book – Get instructions on how to make your very own Life Book here:

AND I JUST discovered her little video of us working on our life books – that’s me on the floor back in 2011, I guess, cuz I was still blonde! (I didn’t even know this video was out there. Love it).

3. Manduka Eco Travel Yoga Mat – I love this mat. Most yoga mats are made with chemical crap, and they’re too thick or heavy to travel well with, or your hands slip. I’ve been traveling with and using this mat for a year and a half now and it’s still in great condition. Highly recommended!


In the video I talk about the process of releasing triggering the fear of abandonment – I originally heard the idea from Eloheim – see the video on clearing clutter here. Good wisdom.

Also in the video you saw some photos in my Life Book of the Abraham-Hicks cruise to Greece – I WANT TO GO ON THIS. Feel free to buy us both tickets!

Happy LightLiving!


10 Responses to “The LightLiving Challenge – Day 5”

  1. Shawnté said

    I love reading about this process; you’re inspiring me to take a closer look at all of my things…especially thinking about the “loves” – what do I have that I truly love? What is sentimental? What is clutter? You rule, as always. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. Sara San said

    I bought a manduka extra long 72″ mat for my first GOOD mat. It’s awesome! I love it! I will have to look for the travel one 🙂

  3. Zia said

    In regards to hoarding being related to fear of abandonment, I wonder what it means when you let go of things too easily. I could pretty easily find a reason why I don’t like or could get rid of everything. They are two ends of the OCD spectrum. The hoarder and the minimalist.

    I love this challenge! I love being a part of your journey.

    • lunasealife said

      Interesting! If hoarding is fear of abandonment, would minimalism be fear of commitment? 🙂

      And thanks for this note today, it was timely!!! It’s getting harder for me to make these videos and I was wondering if I should quit… knowing people are enjoying it helps me continue!! x

    • lunasealife said

      I definitely don’t have that!

      • Zia said

        LOL I do! I suffer from a bit of that. There have been times when I’ve cleaned and cleaned and cleaned till I was literally exhausted. It says “OCD may be a cause”. I’ve been officially diagnosed so it makes sense.

        Clutter in my environment makes me feel like my whole life is in chaos. And a clean and organized environment makes me feel calm and serene!

        Living with my sister has been helpful to us both. I’m more able to tolerate mess or clutter, and she’s got a bit better about minimizing belongings and cleaning!

        If your heart wants you to continue the videos, keep it up. I like them. It’s inspired me to start my own too! If you can do it, I can too!

    • lunasealife said

      Hmm I doesn’t look like it’ll let me reply to your second reply, so it might look like this is a reply to your Ataxophobia comment, but it’s not –

      I have NEVER cleaned and cleaned and cleaned till I was literally exhausted!!! You gotta teach me how to do that! 😉

      I’m happy that you’re becoming more emotionally independent of your external environment! Yay for you and your sis!

      I’ll keep making videos, cuz I want to finish my challenge!

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