The LightLiving Challenge – Day 3

April 15, 2013

Life is Choice. Choose what you don’t want. Choose what you do.

Your choices in this moment create your life.

What are you choosing?

(In this video I also show off a bit of the Italian springtime at the Academy of Art, Creativity & Consciousness and the surrounding Umbrian countryside).

Today’s Five Releases:

1. Mittens that someone gave me for the cold Italian winter. Winter’s over! Woo hoo!

2. Book: The Language of Soul, Harold Klemp, left to me by a friend who moved to Portugal.

3. Earplugs (I haven’t worn earplugs for 2 years. Bye bye).

4. Hat. I don’t love it. Also – WINTER’S OVER!

5. Robe from 1996ish. Yes, the 90’s.

Today’s Three Keepers:

1. Nacho Monkey, my travel buddy of the past 11 years that I originally bought at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory with my best buddy and fellow Italo-phile K one night after Italian class at the Italian Cultural Institute in Westwood, Los Angeles. That same evening K bought a little dog and named him Winchell after the donut joint. She and I loved eating nachos and late-night donuts after a few hours of dancing.

2. Teeny tiny Ganesha statue that I bought a few days ago here at Ananda. I love Ganesh and I love teeny tiny things!

3. Pocket belt from Esty which is one of the best things ever because I generally dislike purses and they’re impossible to dance with. This purse/belt perfectly fits my camera, cell phone.

“Release is necessary for growth, for space is needed for growth. And the truth that all of you share is that 5-10 years from now your lives will not be the same. Your energy will not be the same; your emotions will not be the same. So trust that. Trust that you are always moving, and that is as it should be.” ~ Zapharia/Lee Harris

Happy LightLiving!


2 Responses to “The LightLiving Challenge – Day 3”

  1. Zia said

    I’m loving watching your video series! Thank you for doing this!

    I went through this “what do I love” challenge with myself a while ago. I don’t remember who or what inspired it, wish i could. I would say I was always pretty good at getting rid of things…but looking at your stuff with the filter of “Do I love this?” really makes a difference.

    Once you filter through and are left with your loves, it’s a great feeling. An every day great feeling.

  2. lunasealife said

    Thanks for the encouragement babe! It makes me happy to know people are enjoying it! Love!

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