I Will Build You A Website!

April 11, 2013

This is a picture of my creative potentialities. (Yours too)

This is a picture of my creative potentialities. (Yours too)

This is a picture of my creative potentialities whirling into focused power and intention in order to co-create with you!

This is a picture of my creative potentialities whirling into focused power and intention in order to co-create with you!

I’m charging an apprentice rate for building websites.

People pay thousands and thousands and thousands for a website. And someday when I’m an established website developer, I will probably charge a huge amount. But for now, you can get deal.

300€ for a website up and running with your own domain name. (It’s in €, not $, because your website is being handcrafted – fingercrafted? – on Italian soil.)

I’m charging a completion amount rather than hourly because I am learning as I go.

Basically, you’re funding my education WHILE receiving the benefits: a finished project, your own website to do with as you will, be that spread your message, run a business, etc.

The apprentice fee is cheap because you are accepting that I am not an expert, and the (alleged) risks that come along with that. (Expertise and security are and illusion anyways; you could pay a ton to have some expert build you a site and they might take your money and never finish. True story.)

I have built two websites:


To begin your website project, half the total amount – 150€ – will be paid as a non-refundable deposit.
The other half – 150€ – will be paid upon completion, with your website structure live on the Interwebs on your own domain name.

Questions? Ideas? Inspirations? Enthusiams? Accolades? Get in touch at mayalilacommunications at gmail dot com or by leaving your contact info in the comments below.

I love!

P.S. I finished writing the above message at 12:12.

What does 12:12 meeeeean???

Here’s what I found:

Ok, wait. I’ll summarize, because a lot of it would sound like crazy talk if you aren’t familiar with Elohim and the crystal matrix and divine blueprint.

So, the summary:

The point is if you are seeing 12:12 you are being given the “call” to service for the betterment of mankind and earth.

Evolutionary leaps; Time to evolve.

The doorway to the higher realms are opening. Enjoy the journey.

Receiving Gifts of spirit, and beginning to get an inkling of your brilliant potential.

Making and living the commitment to getting yourself free, and to helping the rest of the planet get there too.

As always, you are chosen by choosing yourself. In choosing yourself, you are saying to spirit “I know there is something better; I know what can be on this planet. I now place my limitations on the alter for transmutation. Let me be a receptacle for the Ascension Flame. Let me be one that completes now. With my completion, I will use that energy to help my brothers and sisters complete.

“You are chosen by choosing yourself.”


3 Responses to “I Will Build You A Website!”

  1. Zia said

    This is a fabulous idea! I’ve been thinking i need to get a ZiaSavesDogs Rescue website posted. I am a bit in the red with Tia’s surgeries…but one of these days soon I’ll be needing your services!

  2. lunasealife said

    Perfect!!! It would be so gratifying to help spread the beautiful message of ZiaSavesDogs. Looking forward to co-creating with you babe!

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