Dreaming You Are Not God

March 10, 2013

Oh, how I love Alan Watts. And oh, how I love beautiful nature scenery, and happy humans running about, and closeups of glittering human eyes.

Can you feel the truth of Alan’s words? All the confusion about this life, all the suffering, all the drama we create; if we could actually KNOW this truth he’s telling us, plain and simple, REALIZE our divinity while in this skin sack rather than waiting until we’ve died…

How much more fun would this life game be??? Games in general are infintely more fun when you don’t have the fear of being killed when you lose. We don’t live in ancient Rome. The lions are not coming for you. You are infinite, you are divine, you are free.

Can you feel it?

Photo by me, Rome, 2012

Photo by me, Rome 2012


One Response to “Dreaming You Are Not God”

  1. Rooooar!! As good photographer as writer!

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