Biggest Shooting Star Ever

February 15, 2013

Russian Meteor

I’m kind of obsessed with meteors. I see one almost every night as I stare at the sky during my country-road walk home.

I don’t check the news, but a friend in Canada posted the Twitter feed of the giant Russian meteor on Facebook, which had bunches of home videos and photos… amazing how news spreads instantaneously and globally.

Apparently, a meteor crashed in Russia a few hours ago. Hundreds were injured, but no one was killed, so I don’t have to feel guilty about loving this.

This dashboard camera gets a clear shot of the brilliant meteor coming in at a distance:

And these two videos give you an idea of what the shockwave must’ve felt like:

(in the second one there’s not much after :20 aside from the cameraman running around and shouting in Russian)

Some reports say that the meteor was intercepted by the Russian air defense and was blown apart 20km off the ground, leading to the vapor trails.

Of course there are lots of other theories. But I like the simplicity of it being a meteor. I little reminder – Nature is powerful. You never know when giant space rocks are going to come flaming through the atmosphere and shake up your world. We live in a Universe of beautiful mystery and infinite possibility. Why not choose to appreciate this moment a little more, right now? Why not choose to live in wonder, amazement and joyful gratitude?

“The little space within the heart
is as great as the vast
The heavens and the earth are there,
and the sun and the moon and
the stars.
Fire and lightning and winds are there,
and all that now is and
all that is not.”

~ The Upanishads


4 Responses to “Biggest Shooting Star Ever”

  1. samitee said

    I call shenannigans 🙂

  2. Have you been to the meteor crater in Arizona? My brother is going in April and asked me if I wanted to join him… I googled it and you can see it on the map! Very cool.

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