September 15, 2012

Assisi, Italy, September 2012

Nature has been thwarting my attempts at the blog-a-day challenge – we had a big storm here the last few days, knocking out internet at the place I’m housesitting and making me reticent to walk around with my laptop in the rain.

The past two weeks have been quite a ride. I feel like every day me and my life are getting tumbled in a cup like dice and dumped out on the table. I rearrange everything and then the next day everything gets upended again.

It looks like I’ll be continuing to live here in Assisi. I was hoping to travel during the month of October, visit friends in Berlin and Barcelona and tour around Italy a bit. But my life circumstances are indicating that my path is here.

And what more could I want than what I’ve got here? It’s funny, that searching/seeking/wanting/lacking that seems to be unending, that keeps us unsatisfied and keeps us looking for something always beyond what we’ve got in the present.

I’ve been pursuing external freedom this year; it seems that now it’s time for me to focus on internal freedom.


4 Responses to “Now”

  1. Virginia Carrithers said

    right on Michelle! stay put – “satisfied to stay simple in a peaceful presence” Cool your jets, you are in heaven, stay there. There is more than your eye can see, love ya, Ginny

    On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Lunasea Life

  2. Joel said

    Hi dear! I think that you have discovered your own truth once again. Although a change of scenery is an easy way to change your thought patterns It may be best if you consciously decide where you want your mind to go. Any crafty, limiting beliefs that your mind may still contain, beliefs that may have been planted there before you were even born or consistently placed upon you by society or people playing instructional roles, will go with you no matter where your physical body goes. I have just recently given myself permission to make the pursuit of my happiness a priority in my life. Prior to that I was just constantly working and serving to try to improve this reality. Now I realize that my being happy is the best thing I can do to improve this reality because I create and serve much better when I’m happy.


    • lunasealife said

      Hi Joel! Very much aware of this… Working out the final conditioning kinks. 😉

      Glad you’re focusing on happiness! Namaste!

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