How To Stop Getting Facebook Event Invites

September 11, 2012



I discovered something lovely today – how to stop getting Facebook event invites.

This particular issue has been driving me a bit mad for the past year+ because
#1 I no longer live in the US, where most of the event invites I receive are generated
#2 Being a house music lover and former party girl, I have a disproportionate number of house music promotor/DJ friends who invite me to clubs (that I won’t be going to) on a daily basis
#3 One of my goals is to live a simpler life, and Facebook invites = virtual clutter.

So, for now (until Facebook hides it again), here’s how you stop receiving event invites from a specific person:

Go to the event page.
Click the “Decline” button on the upper right.
A “Post on Event Wall” box will pop open up.
Click “Ignore invites from…” at the bottom of that box.
Click the “Ignore” button when they ask you “Are you sure you want to ignore all future event invites from …?”

You’re free!!!



3 Responses to “How To Stop Getting Facebook Event Invites”

  1. Julie W. said

    Thank You!!! I was just wondering how to do this last week. I’m so glad there’s actually a way to do this.. Thanks for showing us how.

  2. This has been driving me insane since iOS6 started putting in events directly into my calendar. THANK YOU !!!!!

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