Express, Create, Share

September 9, 2012

Just finished up the Breaking the Barriers workshop. It was like intensive mythic psychotherapy; we created masks and costumes and performed. Performing is quite frightening for me. Not totally terrifying, but frightening. I wrote a story about a Fairy who lives on the moon and her heart is burst open by a meteor and her wings are incinerated so she falls to the earth and must find all the pieces of her heart, which are scattered around the globe… moral of the story is, of course, to Follow Your Heart. This was the background song to my theatrical performance:

I haven’t written a story since creative writing class in college… it felt good. Once I’ve typed it up I’ll post it.

The performance of our myths was like an uncovering AND integration of the subconscious… there were about twelve of us in the class and each piece was powerful in a completely unique way. Today, for the last segment of the workshop, we made a Life Map with our skills, support, and steps to our Higher Goal in life. The Higher Goal that emerged for me (at this time…subject to change) is to “Express, Create and Share Joy and Beauty,” with the incidental aim of inspiring others. The goal came from one of Jim’s questions I blogged yesterday, “What Does My Soul Want?” There’s a long list of things my soul wants – freedom, expansion, connection, authenticity, bliss, fulfillment, transcendance, simplicity, etc – but this process of clarifying what the still small voice within is saying couldn’t have come at a better time.


One Response to “Express, Create, Share”

  1. ginny carrithers said

    Hey Michelle, good for you, sounds like you are really opening up and definitely on the the right track. Spiraling upwards. Not to burst your bubble but Sky was a cesarean birth…11-11-88…I had prepared for a natural birth but a nurse told me not to risk it as I could become paralyzed and would not be able to take care of my baby. I will say that I had a hard time reconnecting to her, but as you know we are really connected now, and she follows through.

    All my love to you, adelante!!


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