Breaking the Barriers

September 8, 2012

This weekend the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness is hosting our first weekend workshop, Breaking the Barriers with Jim Channon. Jim is played by Jeff Bridges in “The Men Who Stare at Goats.”

Here’s the description of the course:

Who is Jim?
A Creative Genius and a Social Architect for the 21st Century! The movie “Men Who Stare at Goats” starring George Clooney and Jeff Bridges is based on the story of his life and the radical teachings he brought to the US military. A weekend with Jim is a rare opportunity to burst outside the box and LIVE the world in a new way. Jim delivers lightening flashes of revelation amidst thunderbolts of humor. Guaranteed to change your perspective of what is possible, what matters and what is real.

What will we do?
JIM CHANNON has interviewed 2000 world leaders and worked with 80 of the world’s most respected thinkers to create a positive long range vision of planet earth AND the most effective way to communicate it…
the multi-dimensional intelligence of Art, Theatre & Story:

On friday night Jim reveals his ‘polymath’ toolset of “many faceted” intelligence. He will draw upon words, or tunes, or moves, or gestures, or images ~ using full-spectrum intelligence to art…iculate the new world.

On Saturday he will introduce a skillset of story-telling, vision painting, and adventure theatre, and then charge us with a visionary performance challenge~ employing our new range of skills to improvise a grand CIRCUS of polyplay…

Saturday night will be a creative explosion~ practicing total freedom to play as children we will journey into expanded dimensions

On Sunday we gather in teams to produce ‘the circus’…with improvised costumes, music, dance, theatre, clowning…discovering the wisdom of our poly mythic characters.

We’re building a story around the response of one of the following questions:
1. What’s calling me?
2. What’s my lifetime dream?
3. How many selves shall I become?
4. What shall I dance?
5. What are my sacred gifts?
6. What feelings do I want inside?
7. What is my animal totem?
8. What does my soul want?
9. What shall I sing?
10. When am I working with (feeling) peace and joy?
11. What did I come to earth to accomplish?
12. Who are the primal characters in me?

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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