Italy to Spain to Nowhere and Back

July 21, 2012

I feel like I’m living in a dream. Not a freaky weird dream – an awesomely surreal dream, a dream of my own invention.

To pick up where my last blog left off, on July 2nd my couchsurfing host/new friend Dario and I flew to Barcelona to attend the Nowhere festival, the European equivalent of Burning Man. I spent a week in the Spanish desert dressing up in crazy costumes, meeting crazy and fascinating people from all over the world, dancing, and laughing my arse off. I joined Costume Camp, which was perfect since as a nomad I don’t have any costumes with me. Some of my favorite moments include being a part of the Baywatch Flash Mob, during which we ran slow-motion through the desert and “saved” “drowning” people by pouring whiskey in their eyes and giving them boob-to-mouth resuscitation with our Pamela Anderson sized balloon breasts, and watching a group of Pirates pillage the Babycham camp while my friend Sam grabbed a 5 kilo jar of Nutella from the French camp and smeared Nutella all over the pirate’s faces.

Nowhere, somewhere near Sariñena, Spain

Costume Camp Camp, best Camp ever!

Costume Camp Camp at twilight (the mosquitos cometh)

Dapper young gentleman

Are we Nowhere yet?

The caravan home

I’d left my return from Nowhere open-ended, and ended up in a van back to Barcelona with a few of my favorite new friends – the stunningly fit and hilarious South African couple who coordinated Costume Camp, the British ginger-haired stylist who lives in her pimped-out caravan and travels around Europe, and an 11-time Burner veteran from San Francisco who we call “The Solution” because he solves every single problem you throw at him (including sand in the lens of my brand new camera).

Post Nowhere, our motley crew spent the week in a beautiful house in the mountains outside of Barcelona. I fell in love with the Spanish architecture and got my first taste of Gaudi. I was mightily tempted to just stay in Barcelona forever, and ditch my plans to come back to Italy for a yoga/meditation/service program at Ananda in Umbria…

Our home away from home in Les Planes, Spain

Composting Cocks

Nowhere Decompression

Looove it love it love it

Old stone

Eastern Influences


Ceiling mosaics

Sunset with Montserrat on the right. MUST GO!

But in the end my spiritual drive won out and I caught a plane and a train back to Italy. So now I am living a dream I never even knew I had – doing yoga and meditation and serving at the Ananda Center/spiritual community in Umbria. All the yoga classes and lectures and meditation classes are in Italian… Heaven!

I’m sitting in a little glass house where you can access wifi. It’s late and I can see lightning flashing and hear thunder rumbling – time to go to bed. More on Ananda next week…


3 Responses to “Italy to Spain to Nowhere and Back”

  1. erika said

    Michelle………………. You are living a dream..amazing.. amazing amazing..a truly awakened reality! Such an inspiration.. I wish I was there with you…to see and smell and taste and feel along side..but for now, as I build my business and live inside of other fairy tale boxes, I will be with you in spirit..<3

  2. katyneylon said

    You definitely are living a dream. Can I come join you next summer? I’m serious… You are incredibly inspiring, because I think we have very similar dreams ha! I’d really like to speak with you on how you achieved all of this. I also feel like I’m hindered by money. But then there are always people like you who make it happen.

    I hope you got my message on your other blog post too!


    • lunasealife said

      I’d love to answer any questions you have! I’ll shoot you an email. And following your dreams is SO DOABLE, once you get rolling. Everything begins to work out in magical ways once you trust and take the leap…

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