Inspiring Weirdos

March 28, 2012

The people at totally inspire me.

“I mean, we live in our truck – with FIVE kids. Kids who have never been to a day of regular school in their lives. Kids who, by the time each of them were four years old, had traveled to 10 countries. That’s just not ‘normal‘.

We also hold ‘strange’ philosophies. We think the government school system sucks. We won’t eat white bread. We get up at 4 a.m. We don’t shop at Walmart (in fact we hate Walmart). We wander around the earth. We don’t own a mortgage. We don’t have a job. We place travel as one of our top priorities.”

Sounds like me (well, aside from the 5 kids. And I sometimes eat white bread, though I’ve gone lengths of time without it).

Are you ‘strange’ too?

Want to travel?

Make it happen. It’s YOUR life. You’ve only got ONE.*



*depending on your beliefs

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