30-Day No Sugar Challenge

February 13, 2012

Photo by Lauri Andler from Wiki


I am addicted to sugar. I never felt truly addicted to smoking or alcohol or drugs – none of which I put in my body anymore – but sugar still kicks my ass. Anyone who’s followed my blog these last few years has read about my trails and tribulations with sugar many, many times.

I am also allergic to sugar. It makes my system acidic, causing inflammation, which makes me break out (little tiny pimples all over my face) and contributes to flare-ups of psoriasis. I’ve had psoriasis consistently for almost two years now.

I’ve given up sugar a few times in the past, but never made it longer than a few weeks. I tried again at the beginning of 2012, but after 6 days (during which I felt amazing) I caved and went back to my cycle of sugar binging.

So this time, I’ve decided to place a wager. I’ve bet my friend China Brooks that I can go 30 days without eating refined sugar, starting today. She also is going sugar-free, and if either of us give into temptation during the 30 days, we have to Paypal the other $25. I don’t generally make bets but I’m pretty sure I’m too proud and stubborn to lose one. 😉

Many people are unaware of the truth about sugar – how addictive it is, how toxic it is, and how prevalent it is in processed foods. I’ve experienced the physical, emotional and spiritual gains that come with giving it up. I’ll be exploring these over the next 30 days as I share my experiences and struggles and, hopefully, win my bet.




20 Responses to “30-Day No Sugar Challenge”

  1. ksmahoney said

    I’d love to hear how this goes for you! I gave up sugar for 40 days one lent and I did notice that I lost weight without really trying! Best of luck!
    Sara from http://www.losingtogether.com

  2. Joel said

    Wonderful! You can do it ! I went on a no-sugar diet for about 4 months when I was trying to get rid of a massive candida yeast overgrowth in my G.I. tract. It worked! All I can remember eating was broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, broiled chicken and beef. I used NO condiments of any kind, nor did I use any dairy. Even though I didn’t think of myself as someone who was addicted to sugar my sugar-cravings were intense. I convinced myself that the sugar cravings were coming from the candida monster that had taken control of my body and I stubbornly continued to starve it. I slowly re-introduced foods back in. Nowadays I feel great and can eat about anything, but I eat mostly organic fruit and vegetables with a little grass-fed beef and whey and organic fowl and eggs. I had terrible allergies and eczema until I cut out peanuts and gluten from my diet.

    • lunasealife said

      Wow, 4 months, that’s amazing!! And that’s without even fruit! Maybe I’ll work my way up to that eventually. I won’t be eating much dairy or gluten either but I decided to just focus on refined sugar for this first month.

    • Joel! What an inspiration your comment is! 4 months, wow! I so want that! I have overgrowth of parasites, I can feel it. Anytime I have eaten the way you were eating, I felt amazing (and had no parasites)! I think it’s time to get on the no-dairy train as well. Thank you for changing my perception of things. It can sometimes feel like I’m denying myself what I want. But in reality, I’m starving the parasites of what THEY want. Brilliant and so true. I don’t really want sugar, it’s a craving. I would rather have a healthy juice of beet, apple, and ginger.

      Michelle – I’m thinking of juicing. Also, perhaps for two of the four weeks I might do a sugar control challenge. Sugar control is where I have to eat every two hours and there are only like 10 things I can eat, ha ha. I’m hitting up the farmers market this Sunday to get a ton of grapefruit to juice. My body is starving for real health/nutrition!!!

  3. Felisa said

    i love you both for your support and beautiful friendship you have with each other. whats the prize if you both win. lol i wish you both luck!

  4. Teri Dyer said

    Wow. Thats definitely a challenge. I know I’d never be able to do it. Good Luck!

  5. WOW! Brave lady. Good Luck!

  6. Look at the picture you posted. That ish looks like crack, ha ha. Perfect picture!

  7. dstetz said

    I understand the need to cut back on the things we love, if only to save our skin!

    I’m using lent as an excuse to cut out caffeine and alcohol (sugar and more sugar). We’ll see how it goes..


    • lunasealife said

      That’s a great excuse! I cut out soda for lent one year in college and have kept cutting more and more. My Ayurvedic doctor has told me that psoriasis is caused by acidic foods, of which sugar and alcohol are the worst (also dairy, tomatoes, citrus). Good luck! Are you doing any before/after pictures?!

  8. […]  It always pops up on the list of things to cut back on, and I was reminded of that by this post (and update).  I found this amazing video on the effects of sugar on our society by a doc at […]

  9. hi! best of luck on your no-sugar diet! :))

    i also have psoriasis. in 2008 i was able to get rid of it through meditation and a plant based diet (lots of juicing). i did the diet for two months and was able to get rid of it. however, nowadays, it is hard for me to maintain the discipline. but i am trying! thanks for your blog, it is an inspiration for me to try harder!

    • lunasealife said

      Thank you! Yes, it’s challenging to stick to non-traditional diets. That’s awesome that you cleared your psoriasis!!! Keep at it!

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