Why I Love Not Having a Car

December 7, 2011

Most days here in Buenos Aires I feel like I’m doing a triathlon – yoga, biking, running, walking for miles. All of this exercise, of course, justifies the occasional sugar overload. Today after my morning bike/run with a friend we shared french toast, a pear muffin, and an alfajor filled with 2 inches of Dulce de Leche. I only felt a little sick afterwards…

Alfajores. They will make you sick... but they're so good. Photo from Menteargentina's Blog


3 Responses to “Why I Love Not Having a Car”

  1. I dreamt I was buying a bike. Obviously I really want a bike.

    I have been walking to Trader Joes. It’s 2 miles each way. There’s a beautiful church on the way home I like to stop by. I love walking!!

  2. D said

    I’ve near heard of an alfajor, but that looks so yummy 🙂

  3. lunasealife said

    I love biking. It’s a really lovely way to travel.
    I love walking too.

    Aaaand I love that you’re walking to TJs! I miss TJs. A little. 😉

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