Stuck in a South American Thunder Storm

November 28, 2011


You can't really tell, but I'm rain-soaked in this picture. Paper-towelling off in some neighborhood parilla(grill) in Buenos Aires.

I was riding my bike home from a friend’s house when it began drizzling. As long as I was riding under trees, I seemed ok; but then it began to rain a little harder. Big, fat, well-spaced drops; the kind of drops I’ve never experienced in California. The kind of drops that happen when the humidity in the air gets so heavy that it conspires to commit suicide by grouping together and plunging to its ‘death’ on the searing pavement below. Death never smelled so good. Well; that’s not true. Pig and cow death by parilla smells pretty damn good too.

Luckily I wasn’t wearing the thin blue cotton dress I’d considered, the one that goes transparent when wet. Luckily I’d put on workout shorts & a thick wifebeater tank. Still white, but not too white-teeshirt-contestant like.

I saw a place down the block to my left with nice lighting. I hoped it was a coffee shop; it was a parilla. I locked my bike up & ran through the drops. They weren’t open yet but directed me to a place down the street. I couldn’t understand much. I hopped back on my bike & rode through the rain, pulling up at the first place I saw, two people smoking in the doorway. Esta abierto? Si. I went to the bathroom & dried my arms & face with paper towels. I sat next to an open window, ordered a steak with creamed pumpkin & Quilmes, and listened to the thunder and car tires splashing through water, sucking the pavement.


6 Responses to “Stuck in a South American Thunder Storm”

  1. Posky said

    I’m sure there are worse things than an attractive woman in a blue cotton dress in the rain. That could have made someone’s day.

    I love a warm and, unexpectedly, rainy day. You’ve summed up a moment in time nicely.

    • lunasealife said

      Thanks, Matt!

      Your blog is awesome. But I cross-checked the crazy cat lady’s handwriting… if only it were true. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or disappointed.

      • Posky said

        I’m sure I have no idea to what you were referring, Miss.

        I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and that we’ve managed to entertain each other a bit though.

      • lunasealife said

        I don’t want to ruin Christmas for the other kids so I won’t tell them that Santa isn’t real…

  2. You are an excellent writer.

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