A Little Well-Placed Rage

November 21, 2011

I love a little well-placed rage. Keith Olberman is a master of this.

In this video Olberman goes off on Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, and his hypocrisy and idiotic handling of Occupy Wall Street:

“Bloomberg… enabled the arrest of over 700 protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge, and yet two months later, froze 20 square miles of New York City in gridlock traffic over two days so somebody could film another goddamn Batman movie on the 59th Street Bridge. Leading to the inescapable conclusion that if you wanna tie up a little traffic during a protest for equality and freedom from corporate domination on a bridge in New York City, you will be arrested, but if you wanna tie up ALL the traffic during a goddamned movie shoot for the financial benefit of corporate domination, the city of New York will embrace you and give you tax breaks!”

Here’s an interesting fact: Bloomberg is the 12th richest man in America.

Olberman also points out something I’ve thought a lot about, and am actually grateful for – “suppression always creates the opposite of the effect desired.” In a way, I’m GLAD Bloomberg is making such political gaffs, as are many of the other politicians handling Occupy protests around the country. I’m GLAD that the police are pepper spraying peaceful protesters in the face – it’s just fuel for the fire. Rage and anger are important for setting boundaries. In this case, setting boundaries on how far those in control can push inequality, injustice, and greed. Rage and anger are important for inciting people to action.

“Our history as a country [is] founded by and invigorated by – and RE-invigorated by – protest.”

Money talks… but we’re tired of our government listening to money while ignoring its citizens.

Finally, Americans are finding their voice.


4 Responses to “A Little Well-Placed Rage”

  1. joel said

    I just wanted to thank you for all of your amazing posts. You are traveling to the same destination that I am, but because you are taking a slightly different, perhaps more dynamic path, I benefit from your knowledge. What country are you in now and what do you see yourself doing one year from now?

    • lunasealife said

      Thank you Joel! I appreciate it. Sometimes blogging seems like shouting into the void!

      I’m living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One year from now… I really have no idea. The possibilities are unlimited! 🙂
      One daydream I have is of moving to France; I have a good friend who is buying a house over there and I want to learn French next!

  2. I love how he’s laughing through the entire thing. Because it’s so absurd, you know. It makes me laugh.

    Hey, let’s meet in France!

  3. lunasealife said

    That would be SO AMAZING. Let’s do it.

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