Natural is NOT Natural!

November 20, 2011

Well this is the most disappointing news I’ve read today:

Kashi Go-Lean cereal uses genetically modified corn and soy.

So does Puffins, a popular Trader Joe’s brand.

So does the ‘Back to Nature’ brand, owned by Kraft.


Natural does not mean organic.

Natural doesn’t even mean Natural!!! Genetically modified organisms are NOT natural.


Be aware of marketing manipulation:


5 Responses to “Natural is NOT Natural!”

  1. Sara San said

    Just a lil tidbit of information you might find interesting (page 1 specifically)

  2. Julie W. said

    Ugh, gross! I assume that 100% of non organic corn and soy is GMO and call it a day.

    The Trader Joe’s label is free of GMO’s, which is nice.

    Have you seen the Future of Food documentary? That’s a really good one about GMO’s. You’d really like it. I feel like I’ve already told you about it lol! I forget these things. You can watch all of it on Hulu for free.

  3. Good to know, thanks. Sad Panda about Puffins. That sh*t’s delicious.

    Eye heart the farmers markets.

  4. P.S. Let’s all bow our heads in a moment of silence for the death of our good friend, Puffins. May she rest in peace.

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