My New Favorite Blog

November 17, 2011

Idle Words,, is my new favorite blog. The posts – essays, really – are well-crafted, interesting, and witty. An inspiration!

Here are a few choice tidbits:

“Why maintaining the elevator should require eleven hours of hammering is something I try not to think about, just as I avoid asking why this particular elevator has to get its inspection certificate stamped each month instead of, say, every three years.”

“I just finished a summer studying Arabic at the Monterey Institute for International Studies… just down the road from a grim military counterpart called the Defense Language Institute, where young men and women learn how to eavesdrop on the nation’s enemies, provided that the enemies speak slowly and limit their conversation to hobbies and the weather.”

“Eating steaks in Argentina feels like joining a cult. You find yourself leaning on friends to come visit, and writing YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND in all caps more often than feels comfortable.”


2 Responses to “My New Favorite Blog”

  1. Nice blog. Come visit.

    Dr. Tom Bibey, author, “The Mandolin Case”

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