The Earth from 240 Miles Up

November 16, 2011

Check out this incredible time-lapse video composed of photographs taken from the space station, 240 miles above earth:

City lights, lightning storms, aurora borealis, stars spinning, cloud formations… it looks utterly fake, like an animation, but it’s real! Our planet is alive, a self-regulating system, just like our bodies. We are each a cell in the living organism of the planet, just like a cell is a tiny living fraction of our living body. The human microbiome – the human body – has somewhere between 10-100 trillion cells. Scientists don’t know for sure how many. But the number of cells in your body outnumbers the stars in our galaxy.

Pretty amazing.


2 Responses to “The Earth from 240 Miles Up”

  1. That aurora borealis is nuts! My Mom is hooked on space She checked it everyday while I was visiting her and she would show me the amazing pictures people took. What strange and exciting times we live in!

    p.s. I’m enjoying my ride.

  2. lunasealife said

    Yeeee haw! 😉

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