Living Your Dreams Can Be Terrifying!

October 7, 2011

I am in Argentina! And I am being confronted head-on with all my fears of living my dreams, changing my life, taking creative risks and looking stupid, being different (not drinking alcohol or eating sugar or ), etc etc etc. No more procrastinating, no more excuses!

So, I’m in a time of transition and processing a lot… luckily I have incredibly supportive friends and an incredibly supportive living situation right now.

I came across this very pertinent quote from my amazing friend China Brooks’ blog today; I’m going to write it out and put it somewhere prominent:

“As of today, you are a dynamic, vigorous
risk-taker, whose eyes are always turned toward your
strengths and assets, rather than toward your
weaknesses and liabilities. Henceforth, you will
wake up in the morning, thinking only of “ways to
do the things you want to do”, rather than waking
up thinking of “all the reasons why you cannot do
those things.”

-Bob Proctor (You Were Born Rich)


Check out China’s blog here!


7 Responses to “Living Your Dreams Can Be Terrifying!”

  1. Rachel said

    i can relate so much to this post. sometimes change can be good- often times the scariest things can bring about the greatest benefits to us. you never know unless you try!

  2. Joel said


    I have just recently subscribed to you and I really enjoy your posts. I wish that I could communicate more directly with you because I believe that we have things to learn from each other, but I’m not a member of any blog or social media network.

    Anyway, as Henry David Thoreau said, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

    Que te cuides,

  3. I read this and thought of you! I’m so happy for you. Safe travels Michelle, and I’m so happy you’re living your dreams. You’re doing it, you’re traveling the world!

  4. I spent my honeymoon in Buenos Aires and I loved it.

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