Psychic Dreams

September 17, 2011

Photo courtesy of Øystein

I’ve had a number of psychic dreams during my life – maybe 4 0r 5 that I’ve known of that were clearly, eerily prescient. Generally someone who I haven’t spoken to in a long time will show up in my dream, and then will call me the next day. When I tell them what they were doing in my dream, it ends up being true in real life. Two of the most recent:

One friend was playing a white guitar in my dream; then next day he called me, and it turns out he’d just purchased a white Fender Stratocaster 24 hours earlier.

Another friend I hadn’t spoken to in six months appeared in a dream and was talking about being pregnant. I thought she meant that her twin sister, who already has two kids, was pregnant again; when I joked about it on the twin’s facebook page the next morning, the sister in my dream immediately messaged me and told me that SHE herself was preganant, but they hadn’t told anyone yet.

Well, I just had another one last night.

I haven’t talked to my ex for about three months. He rarely shows up in my dreams, but last night he made a brief cameo and he was doing something strange, even for a dream –

he was doing a handstand. (I have never seen him do or attempt a handstand in real life).

Tonight, he called me. Again, we haven’t talked in months. So it’s interesting that he calls me out of the blue the day after I dream about him.

As he was telling me about his recent trip to Burning Man, I asked if him if he’d done any handstands out there.

Turns out that no, he didn’t do any handstands at Burning Man.


last weekend he saw a friend do a handstand, and decided he wanted to learn how.

He’s been practicing handstands all week.

Fuggin’ weird.

The thing about psychic communication is that it’s hard to even know if it’s happening or not. How do you differentiate one of “your” thoughts from a thought that someone else is thinking? What percentage of our thoughts and dreams are ours, and what percentage originate in the minds of the people we’re close to, or the people around us? If I suddenly crave corn on the cob, is it random, or is it because my best friend ate corn on the cob yesterday?

As measuring tools get more sensitive, electromagnetic waves produced by the human heart and brain can be measured from further and further distances from the body – for example, scientists used to think that brainwaves could only be picked up by implanting receptors into the skull, but we now have technology that can read brainwaves from outside the scalp. The strength of our biomagnetism hasn’t increased; we just didn’t have the tools to sense it. I’m curious to see what we’ll discover as our technologies get more and more sensitive.

Of course, it could all go horribly wrong. This article in TIME magazine details the Army’s “Mind-Control Project” via brainwave-reading helmets:,8599,1841108,00.html


Fuggin’ creepy.


2 Responses to “Psychic Dreams”

  1. Sara San said

    I think when we finally understand our minds and bodies outside of technology will we understand the separation between our own desires and needs and those of others. Doing Reiki has been the only thing strong enough to ground me and help me understand that separation. I think technology is actually hindering us from this and you being able to be a yoga instructor, have daily meditations and making yourself a minimalist…you already have a handle on it more than most. The thing that interests me about what you wrote about the dreams….I’m a firm believer in the idea that you don’t just have dreams to have them. They are a connection in some way to the person, yourself, or both. It would be most interesting to see how you can tie your psychic dreams with conscious thought. 😉

  2. lunasealife said

    I agree, technology is detrimental in many ways, so in order to maintain balance people must increase the use of meditation/yoga/reiki etc to keep their sanity!

    And yes, I’ll have to practice figuring out what dreams are what and what I’m supposed to do with them… 😉

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