Road Trip – Garden of the Gods and Fort Collins, Colorado

September 14, 2011

Driving south from Boulder, I stopped to see some beautiful red rock formations at the Garden of the Gods.

I want to be up there!

From there I reunited with my road trip cohorts in Colorado Springs. Chris’s cousin had told him about a gorgeous place called Poudre River – pronounced Pooter River. We found endless amusement from that one. “Tubin’ down the Pooter!”  Poudre Valley is outside of Fort Collins, just south of the Colorado/Wyoming boarder.

We didn’t get into the area until about 10pm. It was pitch black but we could tell that we were driving in a deep canyon alongside a river. After unsuccessfully trying to find a place to sleep at three or four campgrounds, we gave up, pulled off to the side of the road along the very loud river, and slept in the car.

Trying to find comfortable sleeping positions in the car.

When the sun rose the next morning, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I would love to go back for a week.

Our campsite.

Breakfast time! Happy Colon!


Found this big guy by the side of the road. Someday he'll be a butterfly!

Next up: Wyoming!
















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