Almost Flying

September 7, 2011

I love watching humans evolve beyond the constraints of gravity:

It’s also gorgeously shot, with a gorgeous backing track [Ben Howard – The Wolves].


Here are a few more gravity-defying men:

A reincarnated monkey:

The most amazing part is at 0:34.


A 26-year-old free-soloist (no ropes) who’s broken a number of speed records:


Of course, not shown here are the thousands of hours of practice each of these men put into developing their skills. They didn’t shoot just out of their mother’s vaginas with these “natural abilities”; they each spent, LITERALLY, THOUSANDS of hours practicing, falling, practicing, practicing some more. I’m sure they’ve sacrificed having any semblance of what we would consider a normal, balanced life. In an interview, the Monkey King man said he would climb from 6am to 6pm every day, and did this for four years straight. The soloist Alex has been living out of his van for eight years, climbing every day. It’s truly incredible what people can accomplish with single-minded focus and exhaustive dedication.


3 Responses to “Almost Flying”

  1. D said

    Your thoughts reminded me of the documentary Man on a Wire. Have you seen it? I didn’t believe it was real at first. Very intriguing man.

  2. […] blog here. There’s one more video on her blog about India’s Monkey King, check it out here. The most amazing part is at […]

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