The Crumbling

September 6, 2011

“The old belief systems of “us” and “them” are falling apart. The old way of doing business that does not allow each person to express and follow their own inner creative juices is crumbling. It may look like things are bad out there, but remember, in every great story ever told it’s always darkest right before the dawn. These firm and ridged belief systems that we’ve been used to for so long are cracking because they are from the ego. The old way of doing things is more concerned with making profits and defining an enemy than with finding the common good and allowing each person to follow their own pursuit of happiness. Anything that is too ridged will eventually crumble in the flow of life. The world that is being born out of all this perceived turmoil is a world that will be softer and allow us to change with the times with much more ease. The human spirit wants so desperately to express itself, so what you see happening in the world right now is the death of fear of self-expression and the birth of each of our own creative journeys. It’s all in how you interpret the times – it this a crisis, or is this an opportunity?”

– Jackson Kiddard

I try not to expose myself to too much news or media – I believe they’re a destructive use of your time and energy, as opposed to creative – but I did take a dip into some European publications today. Have you noticed that things are not getting “better” – “better” being defined in terms of the return of economic growth?

“It is true that the coming years won’t be pleasant, as our society and economy hits the wall and then realigns around what was always an obvious reality: You cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet. Not ‘should not’, or ‘better not’, but cannot.”

Paul Gilding, author of The Great Disruption (read it!!!)

“…Ecological balance will be restored whether humans participate or not. Active, conscious participation can mitigate consequences. Destroying the ecosystem we live in and failing to adjust and reprioritize our use of resources is, therefore, suicidal behavior. Change must happen from the bottom up and individually from the inside out before it can happen from community and cultural levels with increased effectiveness.”

Michael C. Ruppert

The sooner we start preparing for the rocky times (which have already arrived), the less we’ll suffer as we pass through them.

Simplify your life.


Grow your own food.

Appreciate the people around you.

Free yourself from debt.

Get out into Nature.

Take care of your body so you’re not dependent on drugs or medical institutions.

Use your dollars to vote for values-based businesses which provide clean food and products.

Do more of the things you love.

Ignore the voices of your fears and take loving action in your own life.


3 Responses to “The Crumbling”

  1. Sara San said

    Your words are a light in my life.

  2. Sara, I second that! Michelle is a light in my life!

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