Burrata, Beignets & Biscuits – Road Trip: Boulder, CO Part III

September 5, 2011

Though I generally try to eat healthy, wholesome, nourishing foods, most of you know that I am a big-time foodie. Happily, so was my CouchSurfing host in Boulder.

Steve’s favorite place in town is called Pizzeria Locale. I’d say it rivals Mozza in LA. We got a thin-crusted, chewy pizza with burrata, pecorino, and squash blossoms, a beet salad, and butterscotch budino (pudding). Amazingly delicious, all of it.

I wish I could eat pictures.

Beet salad.

Butterscotch Pudding, nomnomnom.

Good people watching on their patio.

Sunday morning brunched at Lucille’s, where they’ve been serving up Creole food in Boulder for over 30 years. We started with some delicious Bignets, a New Orleans style donut pastry that’s fluffy and doused in powdered sugar. I got the pralines french toast, which was amazing. Steve’s biscuit looked more like corn bread than a biscuit, and it was tall, dense, moist, puffy and crispy along the top. The local strawberry rhubarb preserves were tangy tasty.

Need more sugar!

I have a soft spot for French Toast.

Really, seriously good biscuits.

Next time you’re in Boulder, check these spots out!


2 Responses to “Burrata, Beignets & Biscuits – Road Trip: Boulder, CO Part III”

  1. Oh.my.God.
    That cornbread, those donuts. Drool.

  2. Oh, and beet salad and butterscotch pudding = YES. Sometimes I think of my birthday dinner date we had this year. Best dinner date I’ve had in a long time, hands down! 🙂

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