My mom’s still walking 50 miles for Multiple Sclerosis!

August 25, 2011

The past three years, my mom and I have taken on the 50 Mile Multiple Sclerosis Challenge Walk. Yes, fifty miles, over three days – 20, 20, 10.

It’s an incredible experience, and I love doing it with my mom (though one year I did it alone as she had a seizure and couldn’t participate). But this year, back around February, before I knew I would be leaving LA or starting a company or moving to Argentina, I decided I’d take this year off in order to focus on other projects.

So I’m not walking this year, but my mom is! And she is competitive. She’s aiming to be one of the top fundraisers and has already raised over $5,000 – go mom!!!


If you’d like to help her get even higher, please go to , click on DONATE TO A WALKER and then type JOYCE SAVAGE.


I want to thank everyone who’s donated these past three years. Your generosity and kindness mean the world to both me and my mom.

I hope you’ve having a fantastic summer and that you are healthy and happy!

Much love,



Below is my mom’s fundraising letter:


Dear Family and Friends,

Once again (against all odds), I’ve decided to take the challenge! Yes, I am going to walk 50 miles in three days to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This will be my fourth year of major fundraising! A few weeks after the first walk, I shattered my elbow in a fall during a ½ marathon; before my second walk, I had a grand mal seizure caused by a reaction to a combination of medications (which I will never take again) followed by shingles and the permanent loss of hearing in my right ear and couldn’t do the walk; and last year two weeks after the walk, I had glaucoma surgery to put an shunt in my right eye to regulate my pressure since years of eyedrops couldn’t control it. I am now recovering from the same surgery to my left eye which I had done on Valentine’s Day!

You are probably wondering why in the world I want to do the walk since it seems I end up in the hospital either before or after the walk. In the words of Mother Teresa “Life is a challenge, meet it.” I am accepting the challenge because I can! I want to walk for those friends of mine who can’t. My MS is being held at bay by the grace of God and my Ayurvedic lifestyle.

I realize that times are tough economically right now, so any contribution will make a difference. If you cannot contribute money, please keep me in your prayers. I have to raise $2,500 to be able to participate in the walk, but my goal is $5,000. I am working to make a difference and I need your help. Over 400,000 Americans wake up each morning with the unpredictability of multiple sclerosis. MS is the most common neurological disease leading to disability in young adults. The cause is unknown and there is no cure. This disease brings uncertainty to those living with it and stops people from moving. The National MS Society is here to make sure it doesn’t. Together we can turn the uncertainty into hope.

Please use the link below to donate online by credit card quickly and securely and keep up with my progress:

Click on DONATE TO A WALKER and then type JOYCE SAVAGE.

All donations must be in BEFORE THE END OF AUGUST, so please do not delay. If you would like to join our team, just email me soon so you can start training!

Thank you in advance,

Joyce Savage

Team Captain, MSchievous MooSe

Life is tough…but I am tougher



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