Road Trip – Cherry Creek & Colorado Springs, Colorado

August 23, 2011

The first thing I noticed about Colorado was the dramatic clouds.

I love clouds!

My road trip cohort Chris had picked Matt and I up at the Denver airport, and we spent our first night at a campsite called Cherry Creek. It was pretty simple, flat with green green trees and nice bathrooms. We burned our Java Log from Whole Foods (or, as we like to call it, Whale Foods – krilliant!) and Matt told us ghost stories.

D'home Sweet D'home

The next morning we breakfasted on Happy Colon Cookies from Whale Foods (yes, they’re actually called Happy Colon Cookies) and headed down to Colorado Springs, where Chris and Matt would be attending a work retreat while I spent the weekend in Boulder. As we drove aimlessly through the Colorado hills we spotted a coffee shop called Sacred Grounds, so we pulled over spent a few hours chatting about robots and artificial intelligence, napping, reading, and checking email. We overheard a patron talking about a place up the road called Seven Falls , so we decided to check it out. We discovered rocky canyons, gorgeous waterfalls and the fattest chipmunks I have ever seen.

Not chipmunks.

Stairs alongside the falls.

Fatty McFatster!!!

We also found a very informative sign about what to do if you encounter a bear, something I’d been wondering about since  a friend had recently come within a few feet of a bear while hiking in the Sierras. We’ve all heard varying advice – play dead, act big, make noise, etc. The sign advises you to:

1. “Back away slowly, facing the bear”

2. “Speak softly to the bear and try not to show fear” and

3. “FIGHT BACK [all in caps on the sign] if a bear attacks you. Use rocks, sticks, binoculars or any object that may be available.”

So, there you go. Don’t play dead.

Next stop: Boulder!


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