Nomadic Adventure – Week 5 – Couchsurfing Up the Coast

July 21, 2011

I am writing this post from what is quite possibly one of the cutest restaurants I’ve ever been in – a beach-shacky type place called Breakers Cafe in Stinson Beach, 45 minutes up PCH from San Francisco.

Breakers Cafe.

Perfect writing spot!

I’m still working on the blog post to describe the 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat I finished a few days ago, but I figured in the meantime I’d update you all on my Nomadic Adventures!

At 5am I woke up to a misty view of San Francisco from the Twin Peaks district. My goal was to make it to Stinson Beach, one of the best sand dollar beaches in the country, before other shell collectors snatched the sand dollars up, and before joggers crushed them underfoot. I’m making a line of sand dollar necklaces and sand dollars were hard to find on the beaches of LA, let alone intact ones. At Stinson I lost count of the number I found in 2 hours strolling along the frigid beach… maybe 30?

I’ll backtrack a little to explain how I ended up in San Francisco.

After LA and Ojai, I went up to Santa Cruz to spend the 4th of July with my friend Tiffanae.

Tiff & the lighthouse.


Santa Cruz is notorious for its residents’ homemade firework displays on the 4th. The street corner we were on, perched on the cliffs overlooking the beach, was packed with patriotic and counter-cultural revelers. It turned into a Burning Man-esque dance party when someone towing a ginormous speaker behind their bike pulled up blasting glitch/house/drum’n’bass. I snapped this shot just as a firework exploded overhead, providing enough flash to light a small fraction of the crowd:

July 6th I headed east for the Vipassana retreat in North Fork. More on that soon.

July 19th I headed west again for the coast. I wanted to spend the night at Pigeon Point Hostel (a hostel in a lighthouse!!!), but due to a fraud prevention alert my credit card was cancelled during the retreat, so I couldn’t reserve in advance and by the time I made it there they were booked.

Driving up PCH at twilight in my convertible, post Vipassana. Freedom!!!

My friend Josh saved me from having to sleep in my car, and I ended up in Twin Peaks (or Mordor, as his friends like to call it):

View from Twin Peaks.

Yesterday we spent a few hours at Golden Gate park, basking in the sun – apparently I got a few days of the best weather San Francisco has to offer:

Vagabonding life.

The plan for now is to hang out in the bay area for a few more days, then swing through LA to collect the last of my belongings, then spend a few days with my mom in Lake Arrowhead, then stop in San Diego to say goodbye to family and friends down there, then back to OC to get started on the cross-country road trip adventure with Chris! (Pre-roadtrip roadtrip).

If you have any recommendations for favorite cities or places for us to visit on our cross-country trip, leave them in the comments below! We’re planning to hit Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, maybe Utah and Wyoming and South Dakota, then over to Massachusetts, maybe Montreal, and ending up in New Hampshire! (Couch crashing opportunities in any of those areas are welcomed too!).

Stay tuned for more vicarious living!

Git it!


May all beings be happy, peaceful and liberated.



4 Responses to “Nomadic Adventure – Week 5 – Couchsurfing Up the Coast”

  1. Lauren said

    what about Portland??? Come visit!

    • lunasealife said

      I wish! I was trying to make it up there before I left but it didn’t work out… : / We’ll be heading east. If/when I come back to the west coast, Portland is #1 on my list!!!

  2. Sara San said

    “Maturity doesn’t come with age; it comes with acceptance of responsibility.” – Ed Cole

    I’m following your adventures and loving it! ❤

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