Nomads love Starbucks

July 4, 2011

As I type this, I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Santa Barbara.

My view from Starbucks

Thank god for Starbucks. I’m generally anti-Starbucks on principle, but they are saving my arse right now.

Yesterday I attended an amazing party in Ojai. Open people, gorgeous weather, swimming pool, live music, apricot and walnut trees, DJs, a teepee with Native American-style drumming and didgeridoos. I camped out in the orchard overnight and started my drive up to Santa Cruz this morning.

However, my cell phone’s battery only holds a charge for about 5 hours, and though my car charger pretends like it’s transferring power to my phone, it actually does nothing. So this morning I was GPS-less and map-less as I headed in a northwesternly direction. I found my way the old-fashioned way – asked directions at a gas station. I do think it would be wise to invest in a paper map, though.

As I sit here at Starbucks, using their free wi-fi, my cell phone is charging. My laptop is charging. My iPod is charging. Hence the “Thank god for Starbucks.” They are going to make nomad living a whole hell of a lot easier.

Next stop: Santa Cruz, CA, to spend the 4th of July with my friend Tiffanae before heading to the 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat on July 6th!


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