Comparing Apples and Drugs

June 15, 2011

Today I saw this link on facebook:

With the caption: “This eye-opening infographic shows the amount of money pharmaceutical companies spend on marketing to doctors.”

Oh man… I didn’t even want to look at this. But honestly, we all need to be aware of the main driver behind our medical industry. It’s not the urge to heal people. It’s profit.

I understand that that website is a little alarmist. The most surprising figure for me:

Apple’s revenue in 2010: $65 billion. Drug sales in 2010: ***$300 billion***

Now, note that they’re comparing revenue to sales; Apple’s sales were much higher than $65 billion.

But it doesn’t change the fact that humans spent $300 BILLION on drugs last year.

This is horrific. Why?

Because 95% of the things those drugs are taken for could be treated for FREE with better food choices, exercise, emotional healing and stress management.

It’s awfully, horrifyingly, tragic-ly … sad. Sad that these people are all suffering to the point where they feel they need to take chemicals (which ALWAYS have negative side effects) that are manufactured in some huge factory. Sad that they’re spending their money – which is a form of life energy – on something they think will heal them, but most likely will just keep them accustomed to the state of imbalance that caused their dis-ease. Sad that heads of corporations are choosing to mislead and manipulate billions of people for profit so they can have private jets and huge houses that will never actually make them any happier.

I don’t want to live in a world driven by greed and profit. I want to live in a world that is directed by ideals like love, health, wholeness, compassion, honesty, openness.

And it’s possible to do this. How? By making the choice. I choose to eat healthy things. I choose to exercise every day. I choose to manage the stress of life (which also causes inflammation and disease in your body) through meditation and through doing things that make me happy (like yoga, sailing, hiking, and spending time with friends). I choose to work on learning to love myself (an inborn trait that was disciplined out of pretty much every human who is socialized) and learning to accept love from others. I choose to examine what I’m doing with my life and how (or if) that lines up with what I want to be doing with my life. I choose to question everything. I choose to educate myself and to THINK CRITICALLY about our world and our reality.

What are you choosing right now? What do you want to choose?


3 Responses to “Comparing Apples and Drugs”

  1. Zia said

    I’m currently in the process of getting off my meds, as you well know. I JUST watched the Marketing of Madness, which covers all of this info. I realized the true insanity is taking medicine for something that has no link or identifiable issue in the body. No physical testing mechanism. (Which I’ve known for years, but was solidified by this movie)

    I also suffer from the brain shocks if i don’t take my medicine. That can’t possibly be HELPING me! you know?

    I’m working with my naturopath, and the difficult thing is to be patient. Which i don’t want to be. I want to get off it NOW! But i know i need to support my body with the vitamins and healthy eating first. Otherwise I’ll go into a tailspin again.

    Another great thing about that documentary was, realizing most mental imbalances DO have a cause that can be found in the body. As in, through all my blood work and tests it was discovered that i don’t have adrenal fatigue which i thought i have, but i did get mono at one point, and I’m suffering from a viral flare. And THAT is the cause of my tiredness and my caffeine addiction…which isn’t even an addiction. It’s me fighting the viral infection. Once i get that sorted out, I can focus on boosting my bodies health further to support weaning off and eliminating the OCD medicines from my body.

    I learned so many more great things in the documentary. I highly recommend it. As someone who has let those “fake diseases” and “labels” stick to her, i now completely reject it and realize, my body is imbalanced, not my mind.

  2. Lauren said

    thank you for sharing. I agree!!!

  3. @Zia – Amino Acids work wonders. My friend was on Zoloft for 5 years and took Aminos when she got off of Zoloft. She’s been fine for a few years now.

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