Cinnamon Roll Epiphany: External vs Internal Resistance

May 5, 2011

I just had a little epiphany.

Internal Resistance (the kind that Steven Pressfield talks about in the War of Art) is born of fear, and is something that needs to be overcome with action.

External Resistance is a sign that you are off track in your life and that you need to stop pushing.

There is something in my life related to work/money that I’ve been pushing very hard for over the past 2-3 months.  The entire time I was experiencing a lot of resistance around getting it, but I kept pushing to get what I thought I wanted. And last night, I finally realized that the situation isn’t right for me, and why.

More and more this year I’ve been learning to stop pushing; to let go; to trust and to take action at the things that I love, that inspire me, that are the best expression of my authentic self, that contribute to building my ideal life.

So I am reminded, once again, that when I push things, they don’t work out. External Resistance is there for a reason.

What brought about  this epiphany? I believe it was brought on by tasting the best goddamn cinnamon roll I have ever eaten:

By the way, I experienced no External nor Internal Resistance regarding this cinnamon roll.


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