Just keep going, you’ve got nothing to lose

April 20, 2011

I love this video!

I love the variety of stories, and how he highlights the very real insanity of being surround by thousands of people and feeling alone.

I love how risking a simple conversation can expose the human soul, connecting us in the universal fears and longings and joys that unite us all.

Regarding what freedom means:  to me it’s the ability to choose, and the awareness of and liberation from unconscious limitations and the control of fear.

I find it tragic that none of these people had a clear and immediate answer for the question: what is the meaning of  life? I think we need to re-adjust our society and its focus so that we ponder this question every day. I’d say it’s love, appreciation, creation, imagination. When we are able to stay focused on the meaning of life, and clarify our purposes for being here, the world will be an even more beautiful place.


2 Responses to “Just keep going, you’ve got nothing to lose”

  1. Mae said

    Shell, thiz a mada me crya.
    I was musing about this very disquieting thing on the CTA ride home from school.
    I love you. Thank you for sharing:)

    • lunasealife said

      Awww! You’re most welcome. Love you Maeday! Miss yer face.

      So are you going to start asking people about their purpose in life on the rides home now? 😉

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