Today’s Uber-Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

April 3, 2011



-Spinach I grew in my backyard (organic!!) & picked just before consuming
-Fresh dates
-Carrot juice
-Frozen mangos
-Raw almonds
-Psyllium husk powder


I’m doing a juice/soup/cleanse/fast thing for 7 days – started April 1st – as a transition into general Clean Eating (no processed foods/refined sugars/red meat/seafood/alcohol/caffeine).

I’m considering going vegan, though I’m going to talk to my Ayurvedic doctor about it first. In the past he’s told me chicken and turkey are ok for me to eat, but I’ve never asked him about vegetarianism/veganism. FYI, raw food eating is definitely out for me – he says I need to cook everything I eat. Which, I obviously did not do with this smoothie, though I’m not supposed to be having frozen mangos, or any mangos, either. 🙂

I’ve also noticed in the past two weeks that I get a sore throat when I eat sugar. I mentioned this to someone and she said she’s been aware of having a sugar allergy/intolerance for seven years. Whatever the case, my body apparently doesn’t want sugar right now.

Check out Dr. Weil’s blog for more info on the psyllium powder I put in my smoothie – apparently it cleans you out.



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