Universal Hide and Seek

February 28, 2011

Hide and Seek is the great metaphor for human existence. God hides the universe within our skulls.

Every child LOVES Hide and Seek, because they vaguely remember the deep underlying truth of the game.

Humans are always seeking. They seem to be created to seek. And that’s the great paradox – what we seek is what we’re using to seek. We can never find it without because it is within.


Update: I’m writing a post on the Shift that’s coming – all the 2012 stuff, what everyone who has an ounce of intuition or wisdom can see is coming – the Quantum Apocalypse – and I was digging into the word “apocalypse.”

Definition of Apocalypse:

1. a prophetic disclosure or revelation
2. an event of great importance, violence, etc. 

Its roots are from Late Latin apocalypsis, from Greek apokalupsis, or revelation; from apokaluptein:
to uncover; to disclose, from apo- + kaluptein to hide.
Hide and seek.
The Apocalypse is the finding.

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