Please excuse the silence!

February 24, 2011

Obviously, I battle with consistency. For awhile I’ll post regularly and feel like I’m doing good, and then procrastination kicks in and I put the brakes on my creative expression. Call it upper limiting, call it self sabotage, call it fear – I’m working on working it out.

That’s the main issue.

BUT, I also have two good technology-related excuses:

1. Internet: Our house is plagued with internet issues; I haven’t had a reliable connection at home for some time. Perhaps it’s the resident ghost. We’re getting a new router this weekend; maybe we should draw a pentagram on it, or waft some sage smoke over it for protection…

2. Computer: I spilled safflower oil all over my laptop keyboard last summer. I was certain I’d killed it, but it turns out my Vostro is fairly hardy and has stayed alive. As time passes, though, it gets increasingly spastic. Sometimes it beeps at me angrily on startup; sometimes I have to press control-alt-delete to make it past the main boot page. Once it’s up and running it likes to pull up my battery meter and show me how much battery power I have left. Every 30 seconds. It also likes to paste everything on the clipboard 7 times in a row whenever I hit the M key (the built-in keyboard no longer functions; I’ve been using an external board for a few months now). Or my computer will decide to open 47 tabs in Google Chrome. If I scream and hit the built-in keyboard when it starts opening tabs, sometimes I can get it to stop around 15.

Good times.

I’m still here. I’m still thinking. I’ll still be posting occasionally during my lunch breaks.

I’m hoping a Mac is in my near future.


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