February 18, 2011

“We have inherited an economic obsession that has to put a Practical Value on absolutely everything it detects, inevitably draining the magic from all things, the vitality, the complexity, the depth and making all things uniformly into commodity. Like Midas’ touch, turning everything to gold, we are unintentionally transforming everything into commodity, into a kind of synthetic food that promises to alleviate the starvation we’re suffering from, when what we hunger for is the very substance and nutrition the synthesis deprives us of.

And it is not our stomach, but our forgotten spirit that grumbles.


There is another work. It your awakening. It is the spreading of consciousness and light throughout the universe. To illuminate the beautiful, to discover the truth, to Be. And there is only one place to start… your own, immediate life.”


Yesterday I discovered my new hero, James Stratton-Crawley.

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love his writing. Check it out for yourself:


2 Responses to “THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL.”

  1. Pretty good stuff. I’ve never really thought about the way we put a price on everything.

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