Finding My Purpose: Time for a Cause

February 3, 2011

Mastin Kipp says that Victor Frankl says that there are three ways to find your purpose:

1. Suffering.

2. Relationship.

3. A Cause greater than yourself.

Actually, I feel like it’s not just one of those that gets you to your purpose, but all three.

Like everyone, I suffered. I didn’t feel like I had choices in life. Sometimes I wondered if it wouldn’t be easier just to kill myself. Life seemed so hard, complicated,  unfair. Until it didn’t anymore. I’d say this shifted for me around the age of 27.

Relationship. I had a wonderful, loving relationship. When it ended in 2009, my world fell apart, as did the identity and future I’d constructed for myself, and my ego barriers. The fortress crumbled. I spent 2010 rebuilding it. Now, rather than a fortress, I have built my ideal home – a beautiful sustainable tree house that converts into a boat when necessary.

So, I’ve lived through the first two. Apparently it’s time for the third.


2 Responses to “Finding My Purpose: Time for a Cause”

  1. Zia said

    We have remarkably similar life’s paths. My suffering was present, and presented itself with suicidal thinking at the age of 20. That was the turning point, that presented me on my path to spirituality and learning more about ME. AND THE world and the UNIVERSE. AND all that jazz!

    When my 3 year relationship ended my world did fall apart. I moved, lost my doggy temporarily, found a new job…and it took me 10 months to go on my first date. 8 months of isolation, and 4 years before I entered a new relationship with another man. I ultimately had A LOT of learning to do.

    The third is what i would say is most recognizable about me today. Doggies is my cause. Ending doggy homelessness and euthanization. It was all triggered by a date with the hottest man I’ve ever been out with ever…and I asked HIM out (eeks) That was a true act of bravery. Ultimately he inspired me to try volunteering based on his sharing of his experiences. That has culminated in my 3 years and counting love affair with animal rescue. When i spend time with dogs the time flies by. I wish i could get paid to find dogs homes, and network them. It would truly NOT be work. It’s my passion, my cause, my reason for being. Exactly like Victor Frankl says. I used him in my audition for the animal rescue show. It’s funny that you came up with this, right around the same time I referenced it.

    You’ll find a cause. Whether it’s people or other sentient beings. Helping others is truly a reason for living.

  2. lunasealife said

    Love it!
    My cause has been becoming clearer over the past year. I’m excited to see what happens. 😉

    I’m formulating a theory about the people we’re attracted to, along with the roles they play in our lives. And some chakra stuff too – attraction/sex/creation… One of MY profound life shifts so far stemmed from me approaching one of the hottest guys I’ve ever met too! 😉

    “I wish i could get paid to find dogs homes, and network them.”

    YOU CAN.

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