The Selling of Burning Man

January 28, 2011

I got a newsletter today from my Burning Man Camp, Mystopia, about a $100,000 Burning Man package that’s being auctioned off on ebay.

While I feel that the Playa acts as a filter, tending to attract a certain “type” of person and prevent other “types” from coming – types who can’t deal with dust and port-a-potties and manual labor – I’m actually a bit impressed by the package creator’s gumption. I think this is creative. I don’t see anything wrong with thinking outside the box (even if it’s a staunch Burning Man box) and fulfilling a market need. I think the group who organized this package are most likely hard-core Burners who are going to use the $100,000 they make to do good things.

I also think that the point of Burning man isn’t to keep outsiders out – it’s to change the world by showing people the infinite potential that exists. The point is to prove that we can create a different world by choosing a different way of being and acting in society.


So, though my ego might be angry at the thought of some rich Jersey-shore types impeding on **MY** Burning Man experience and annoying me, I also see this as a wonderful opportunity. An opportunity to show what may or may not be some rich, spoiled, shallow people how the other side lives, what’s really important (ie NOT their expensive cars and designer bags), and what’s possible.


They’re not going to change us.

We’re going to change them.

Burn them down with love!



2 Responses to “The Selling of Burning Man”

  1. Jill Katzenberger said

    Hey. I was searching for a picture of the man at night to use in a stop motion animation of the mutant vehicle that my camp is currently building. We want to use the animation in our kickstarter campaign to raise money for the car. Its going to be a giant programmable LED rainbow with unicorns all over it. Can I use your image of the man at night from this blog? I can send you a finished version of the video if you’d like when it is done. Thanks.

    Jilly Katz
    The Fucking Unicorn Camp

    • lunasealife said

      Yes, definitely! I don’t think I’ll be making it to the burn this year and I’d love to help some other people get there. I’d love a photo credit or link back to this blog, whatever works out for you guys.

      Good luck!!!

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