Epidurals & Autism

January 28, 2011

It is my feeling that epidurals can lead to breastfeeding issues, leading to attachment issues, and trigger autism (in those genetically predispositioned). Various studies show links. 50%-90% of American women get epidurals, depending on the hospital they go to.

“New data is emerging from Hollander at Mt. Sinai, that the combination of epidural and oxytocin predisposes to autism.  I can say that among my 16 autistic patients, every single child was born with epidural and oxytocin. This is not to imply causality, rather, predisposition.” -Ronnie Falcao

Our medical system fails horribly at providing a supportive environment for women during labor. This needs to be changed. Time for a shift.

I’ve done a ton of reading on this over the years and I’ll be blogging more on this in the future, along with citing references.


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