How do you give up coffee & sugar? Part III

January 16, 2011

After my No Complaining Challenge post, a friend posed this question:

My question to Michelle is, with these challenges, how do you make it through them? I have to give up two things I know my body is totally addicted to, Caffeine and sugar, for my health. I’m seeing a neurologist to try to spare myself of migraines. My doctor ordered a special diet to see if perhaps they are food allergies. There is practically nothing I can or am allowed to eat.

I would love some kind of tip, in how you look at your cravings when you get them, and keep yourself on track with your goal…

Thanks doll!

I had so much to say that I split the response into THREE parts! Thanks for inspiring me!

Click here to read Part I; and here to read Part II. Here’s a summary:

First, it gets easier over time!

Second, reframing the situation by rewording my statements helped a lot.

Third, your body is not “totally addicted” to those things.

Fourth, I’ve realized that my cravings are distractions/addictions.

Fifth, really sit down and figure out the big WHY behind your choice to change your habits.

Sixth, shop at Farmer’s Markets.

Part III:

Seventh, find things that support your unconventional, healthy way of living. I’ve found more friends that value their health and eat clean, for various reasons – ethics, gluten allergies, diary allergies, etc. We love roasting up veggies and drinking tea together. Additionally, I don’t expose myself to much conventional media like TV, the news, or gossip/beauty magazines. I feel like all of those things take away time and energy that can be directed towards changing the only thing that I can change – me. Instead I’ve sought out intelligent, inspirational writers and podcasts to help keep me on my path of unusually healthy living.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says: “All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” Consider this diet as an experiment in seeing how good you can feel!

I know you have the power to do this. I’ve felt you channel energy.Your body is just out of balance. You’re having such a strong reaction because you are sensitive. Maybe that means you have to do things differently than normal people. But that also means you can live a BETTER life than those who are not forced to challenge themselves.

Once you start following a diet that balances your body, you are going to feel healthier, happier, more balanced, whole, glowing than ANYONE who can go get a cup of coffee every morning, and a cupcake every night. It might seem like they are happier on the surface, but underneath their bodies are operating at less than peak.

You’ll find that a different or limited diet isn’t as bad as our society makes it out to be.

And lastlythink of how your experience and example will help and inspire others. You’re a healer for a reason. Maybe your nieces will follow your example and be inspired to lead happier, healthier lives!

Much love!


2 Responses to “How do you give up coffee & sugar? Part III”

  1. Shawnté said

    I enjoyed the 3-part series 🙂 Your insight is so valuable, and it make me feel like I really *can* do these things, that I don’t have to be locked into my own habits.

  2. lunasealife said

    Glad it wasn’t too much. 🙂 And I already know you can do these things, Miss Gluteyfree! You’ve done so well managing your health. I want to get to where you’re at with moderation.

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