Your Life, My Life

January 4, 2011

Your life is a work of art. You are the artist. What does your masterpiece look like?

Sorry for the one-liner posts, but I feel like I’m drowning a bit over here. Something’s gotta give in my life, and I know what it is. It’ll happen soon.

By the way, I am eating some of my Insanely Tasty Guacamole as I type. I’d post the recipe but it’s my secret weapon for the Great Guac-Off of 2011, which will possibly occur on my birthday. Why so far off? Well on Jan 1st I started a 10-week No Intoxicants Challenge (no sugar/booze/caffeine; also no red meat or dairy – steak and cheese can definitely be intoxicating) and I want to be able to have a Mango Margarita and cheese and carnitas at the Guac-Off.

Oh – I also started another month-long Consumer Fast on the first. No buying non-necessities! I love the clarity that comes with clearing all the isht out of my life – at least as far as choices and emotional energy and money energy goes. Now I just need to do that in my physical space…time to declutter!

From the No Intoxicants, already my skin is clearing up (I get more and more sensitive to crap/conventional food as time goes on, and that manifests in acne and psoriasis), my sense of smell is getting sharper (that can be good or bad), my jeans are no longer squeezing me like a sausage, and I don’t feel the strong impulse to nap at my desk by 3pm.



3 Responses to “Your Life, My Life”

  1. Shelli said

    WOW! That would be a huge challenge for me congratulations. My jeans are currently fitting me like a sausage. I was thinking about you today and how hard it actually is to declutter and organize. Here I am not working for a month and you would think its easy to get it all done. I have realized there will always be a laundry list of things that will need to be done. Its overwhelming to me and thats all I’m focusing on right now. The key is one thing at a time. A list, an outline. Something visual. Being that you work so hard on so many other aspects of your life, organizing and decluttering can be an overwhelming task. I just wanted to let you know you do an amazing job of trying to get it all done. Stay focused and keep it up. You motivate me.

    • lunasealife said

      Awww Shelli you are so sweet! Thank you. I totally needed that positive feedback. I know, logically, that I DO a ton of stuff, but at the same time I never *feel* like I do ENOUGH.

      I’m so grateful for your friendship. You have such a good heart!

  2. Shawnté said

    Great Guac-Off!! SIGN ME UP!!!

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