2011: Best New Year’s Eve and Day Yet

January 1, 2011

I wanted to be asleep a few hours ago, but I didn’t want to let the first day of the year go by without sharing some of the amazingness I packed in.

So, a brief New Year’s Eve/Day recap:

On New Year’s Eve I was invited to a Shabbat dinner with some of my favorite people on the planet. Delicious home-cooked food, beautiful rituals and chanting, and I almost choked on four separate occasions – from laughing so hard. Say this out loud: “Houman Mahboubifart!” He’s a real estate agent in Los Angeles, and his name has been my favorite name since 2007 – even though before last night I had no idea he’d dropped the “fart” part.

I didn’t actually go to any of the meditation options I’d been considering for midnight. Instead I strolled home in the cold after dinner, and spent the shift from the old to new year reviewing 2010, meditating in front of my altar nook, and setting goals for 2011. One of my key words for 2011 is Authenticity, so it seemed fitting that I greeted the new year by spending some quality time with myself.

Went to bed around 2am and woke at 5:15am. Zoomed empty streets to Malibu for a sunrise meditation with a very Zen-looking guy named Osho:

Osho and the ladies

It was as cold as it gets in LA. The monks struck clear bells as the earth tilted downward and the first sun of 2011 flashed orange above the ocean. The chanting of the small group seemed to be making the ocean vibrate. My eyes filled with tears at the beauty of it and I couldn’t stop beaming – I LOVED starting a new year like this!

Later in the day the ladies pictured above and I ran 2 miles to a Bikram yoga class. Bikram’s a little warm for my taste, but I definitely feel like I sweated out some of the toxins I accumulated in 2010. I just realized I haven’t written a blog about my Challenges for the new year – I’m doing a huge one, basically a combo of all the challenges I did during 2010. I’m ready and stoked!

I love that my New Year’s Eve and Day were filled with spiritual practices and loved ones, with some reflective alone time in between. I definitely want more of that in 2011.

More to come! Looking forward to creating and living my ideal life in 2011, and sharing it with you!


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